Team Preview: Green Batters go all out for Season 86 to get the elusive three-peat

The DLSU Green Batters are eager on defending their title as they approach Season 86 with anticipation despite having to make certain adjustments and face new obstacles as a team.

After a successful return to the diamond in Season 85, which saw them being crowned as back-to-back champions, the DLSU Green Batters anticipate UAAP Season 86 with optimism and determination to defend their title.

The start of a new campaign means new challenges, key team additions, and necessary adjustments. With their incredible season-long play, the Green-and-White will have targets on their backs as they aim to return another gold title to Taft.

Season 85 was filled with exciting and dramatic moments that honed and toughened the team after a long absence from sports due to the pandemic restrictions in the country. Now, with a full season of championship experience, and holding a 3-1 record as of writing in Season 86, the Green Batters are hungry to solidify their spot as the team to beat.

Championship mindset

As the defending champions going into the new UAAP Season 86, it is simple for the players to become captivated with their success. However, Green Batters Team Captain Vincent Flores assures the intricate training process they have been executing in preparation for the new season. “You can expect a younger team that will play with their hearts and give their all for the three-peat,” Flores emphasizes on the team’s diligence for the third title.

Flores also sheds light on crucial lessons they have learned throughout their run in the previous season, “Consistency and better communication were the things we learned from last season. We have to start strong and end strong, no matter the situation. We also have to learn to communicate all that we can to each other.” Regardless of the firepower they may possess, the Green Batters recognize that superior teamwork and team communication are among the most important game-winning factors.

Rookie Chili Go also shares his learnings from the previous season that he wishes to continue and preserve in the team’s culture as a new recruit. “While I wasn’t part of the team during last season’s championship run, I observed and admired the exemplary teamwork, the collective strength and resilience displayed by the team.” Despite big shoes to fill, the rookie keeps his head held high and his feet on the ground through relentless training with the Green Batters’ new look. “Expect us to bring unmatched dedication, teamwork, and prowess to every game. Everyone from the team is committed to [maintaining] our winning mentality, striving to make our school proud by defending our title,” he declares.

The title-defending DLSU Green Batters gear up for an elusive three-peat championship in the UAAP Season 86 Baseball Tournament.

New ball game

With an entire offseason to suit up, reigning Finals MVP Flores is confident that the team can go for the third-straight title. “Having more time to prepare, let us take it slowly, working through every detail,” he adds, explaining what the team was up to during the break. Flores further explains that building team chemistry and bonds will be crucial for the team from Taft.

Furthermore, Go commends his seniors and coaching staff on their preparation this Season  86, saying, “Big credit to our coaches who’ve had our backs every step of the way and big shoutout to our senior teammates who welcomed us and acted as mentors.”

Head Coach Joseph Orillana reveals a few frontrunners in the competition that might challenge their title defense, “The teams that I am wary of are UP and Adamson, because these teams are fast runners and their speed can use and challenge our defense this Season 86.” Despite the key loss of slugger Ignacio Escaño, the Green Batters remain optimistic as they are geared up to fill the void left behind. With the tournament underway, a new game plan for Head Coach Orillanais in motion: “[They] are more [of line drive hitters that can be our asset.”

“It is undeniably tough to match their skill level and contributions to the team,” added Go, as he acknowledged the challenges of the team’s upcoming matches. But with the optimism and ingenuity from the coaching staff, there is still a lot to be excited for in Season 86 with the additions of rookies Ezykiel Bautista, Go, Johan Rentero, Patrick Rivera, and Jomar Villacruz, as well as returning standouts like Lord Aragorn De Vera who delivered a one of a kind rookie performance last Season 85.

Support system

Although Green Batter Head Coach Orillana constantly tells his players to take it one game at a time and “give all their best effort as a team to win the game,” the pressure and weight of defending the title is never far from their minds.

And despite the heavy pressure on their backs, having the support from the Lasallian community is a big boost for the Green Batters’ drive to go for a three-peat. Team Captain Flores encourages the supporters of the Green-and-White to cheer for the team in their upcoming games this season, “We invite the Lasallian community to watch and support the Green Batters. We need all the help to get this three-peat!”

With determination and confidence, Coach Orillana proclaims a strong message to the Lasallian community and rival universities: “We will defend our UAAP Baseball Title this upcoming Season 86.”

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