LSDC-Street has the groove

No sweat was wasted as the Street division of DLSU’s La Salle Dance Company (LSDC) brought home gold after participating in Maximum Groovity 6 last Aug. 27 at Crossroad 77.

It is LSDC-Street’s second time to join the interschool dance competition, according to Gino Ong, former president of the organization. LSDC-Street made a risky decision to transform their usual dance routine into something new and different, instead of their usual hip-hop style.

“We decided to adapt different styles which are somehow different but still related to each other. We used African dance and fused it with Reggae and Stomping, where you hit certain points of your body to produce beats,” Ong described.

The technique bested twenty other colleges and universities that participated in the competition. LSDC-Street scored 94.38 percent.

The group, according to Ong, did expect to win, comparing the group to a highly competitive team joining competitions.

The Talents Guild of the Technological Institute of the Philippines – Quezon City placed second with a score of 91.88 percent and the Comapany of Ateneo Dancers – Jazz of the Ateneo de Manila University ranked third with a score of 86.30 percent.

Maximum Groovity is organized by Mega Events Manila, a leading events company in the country.


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