Rant and Rave: The Night Circus

Welcome to Le Cirque des Rêves – a magical circus seemingly woven from a dream and an enchanting feast for the senses. One can take delight in the black-and-white atmosphere, the luscious caramel apples and the spiralling acrobats, as the plot driven by the onslaught of forbidden love intensifies and enmeshes you into the strings of imagination that hold the circus together.

Image courtesy of Doubleday

Erin Morgenstern spins a timeless and mesmerizing tale with her debut novel. The plot is beautifully crafted and is visually captivating. Every chapter is peppered with the perspectives of several other characters; thus, providing readers with a deeper insight into the mystics of the circus.

Morgenstern conjures a fantastic world in par with the Harry Potter series, which will leave readers breathless as the magic and gentle romance delve deeper into darkness.

Needless to say, The Night Circus will suit the taste of the imaginative and the dreamer, yet with its anticlimactic mainstream ending, it is not a particularly fitting read for the practical and action-loving reader.

It is then no wonder how such a novel, still at the peak of its release, is now being vied upon by Summit Entertainment to be showcased on the big screens.

The Night Circus is a three-dimensional world, where the workings of imagination are truly at its best. Readers are welcome to play with fire as much as they want to. Overall, booklovers will be surely delighted to fall for the spell and illusions cast by this riveting read.

Shi Ailyn

By Shi Ailyn

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