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VP for Internal Affairs Nicole Gaba resigns

Effective October 15, 2011, Nicole Gaba is no longer the University Student Government (USG) Vice President for Internal Affairs. Due to her family’s decision to migrate this year, Gaba was forced to relinquish her position as her eventual departure would make her incapable of fulfilling her duties as Vice President. By October 26, she will no longer be considered an undergraduate student of DLSU. The announcement was made last October 10, in a press conference held at the Waldo Perfecto Seminar room by Gaba and the rest of the USG’s Executive Committee (EXECOM).

Gaba’s resignation immediately spurred the search for her replacement. According to the USG constitution, the USG president will endorse any appointed or elected USG officer for the position. Upon her endorsement, the legislative assembly (LA) will decide whether the endorsed officer will be given the position or not. If the LA votes not to appoint the endorsed officer, the process will be repeated until an appointment is approved. Only officers from the Judiciary branch are prohibited from being endorsed for the position.

The constitution has no set criteria for the replacement. Endorsement would rely solely on the USG President’s judgement or preference. USG President Cabe Aquino shares that the endorsed officer would most likely come from committees under the office of the Vice President for Internal Affairs (OVP-Internals). Aquino explains that experience under these committees would make an officer qualified to  succeed Gaba. Aquino hopes to fill in the position before Gaba’s departure, and expresses the urgent need to find a new replacement.

Before officially relinquishing her position, Gaba will fulfill her remanining duties with the Aspiring Organizations Accreditation Committee (AOAC) and the Physical Facilities Committee. If an official replacement is not yet appointed before her departure, the EXECOM will temporarily  shoulder her remaining responsibilities and obligations.


October 10, 2011

Ms. Camille A. Aquino


De La Salle University Student Government

Dear Ms. Aquino,

It is with utmost regret that I am writing to inform you of my official resignation from my position as Vice President for Internal Affairs of the University Student Government due to the reason that I will no longer be a bonafide undergraduate student in De La Salle University starting this October, 2011.

Upon recent approval of our migration papers, my family has decided to relocate to Canada, with our entire family’s departure from the Philippines scheduled on October 23, 2011. While I had initially planned to return to the country to finish my term of office, there have been unforeseeable events and inescapable situations that occurred within my family which forced me to permanently leave my position. While I put great premium on the commitment that I have made to the students and to the University, it is imperative that I respect and support my family’s decision during this time. As the eldest daughter in the family, it has become my primary duty to assist in supporting our family financially and to aid in this period of transition and adjustment. Although I acknowledge the extreme privilege that the students of De La Salle University have given me to serve them this year, in this situation, my duty to my family is paramount.

I apologize for the disruption that this will cause in the University Student Government and for being unable to finish my term of office. Rest assured, I will take the necessary time to ensure the complete and smooth transition of duties and responsibilities to my successor. As stated in the University Student Government Constitution, Article XXIV Section 3. “In case of incapacity in the discharge of duties, removal from office or resignation of any EB member excluding the President, the President shall endorse a USG officer excluding the Judiciary department, and the LA shall decide on the endorsement of the USG officer into position.” Until such time that a replacement is appointed, I will complete  urgent business affairs before my departure, most especially in the Aspiring Organizations Accreditation Committee and in the Student Handbook Revisions Committee. It is for this purpose that I would like to make my resignation effective on October 15, 2011, for transitional purposes. It is my desire that my successor would continue the ongoing projects, programs, and commitments that I have started and that my office will continue, in order to uphold my promise of delivering the platform that I owe to the student body. Indeed it is not just one person that makes a platform happen, but an entire office and an entire Student Government. It is my hope that the transition will be handled smoothly and professionally by the USG, avoiding unnecessary internal and external issues, in order to ultimately uphold the common goal of continuing to deliver service that the student body deserves.

It has been an honour and a privilege to serve in the University Student Government as the Vice President for Internal Affairs. It has been particularly gratifying to work with the student body and the entire Lasallian community who have shown their great cooperation and support all throughout my term. I sincerely hope for your understanding and acceptance of the reasons on why I have to leave. Thank you for giving me the privilege and opportunity to contribute to our university and for allowing me to serve and give back to society. I wish the University Student Government and the entire Lasallian community all the best success in this Centennial year and the future ahead.

Yours always in St. La Salle,

Ma. Rafaelle Nicole San Diego Gaba

CC: Ms. Evelyn Lopez-Esparrago, Director, Office of Student LIFE
Ms. Fritzie Ian P. De Vera, Dean of Student Affairs
Br. Bernard S. Oca FSC, Vice Chancellor for Lasallian Mission and Alumni Relations
Ms. Amy Galang, Vice Dean of Student Affairs
Ms. Agnes G. Yuhico, Vice Chancellor for Administration,
Mr. Josemari S. Calleja, Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Services
Engr. Aurellano O. dela Cruz, Jr., Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Development (AVCCD)
Ms. Perla Garcia, Director, Centennial Office
Ms. Belen Aliazas, Director, Building Grounds and Maintenance
Engr. Gerardo C. Mendoza, Director, Mechanical and Electrical Works Office
Engr. Rolando E. Oliva. Director, Civil Works Office
Atty. Hilario Caraan, Director, Student Discipline Formation Office
Ms. Ana Maria B. Fresnido, Director, University Library
Ms. Alexandra Sedano, Chief Legislator, University Student Government
Ms. Alexys Alip, Chief Magistrate, University Student Government
Ms. Candice Co, Chairperson, Council of Student Organizations

photos from our photo coverage of the USG Press Conference HERE.

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