Rant and Rave: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Once more, hardcore Twilight fanatics have something to rejoice over. The first part of Breaking Dawn, which is the fourth and last book in the novel series by Stephenie Meyer, opened with a bang, earning an estimated $139.50 million in its opening weekend. Fans of the Edward slash Bella slash Jacob tandem will leave theatres with satisfaction; this part of the movie franchise is nothing but dark, mature and sexy. Fans have anticipated seeing Edward and Bella’s wedding, the latter’s pregnancy and the mounting passion and tension between Bella and Jacob on the big screen.

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Those who are not fans of the Twilight saga do not have any reason to care at all. Slow, painful and drippy, the initial scenes of the movie were dragging and full of cheesy dialogues. Solely underwhelming and lifeless, the movie started with an uneventful setup for the succeeding events.

On the other hand, time and money spent in this film will not be ill-spent because the latter part of the movie reached an intensity that left the viewers breathless, and gripping their seats with anxiety. The movie was technically and artistically sound; it is not  difficult to believe that some of the characters’ lives were truly at stake. The setting revolved around an enigmatic locale – one that would cast the viewers into a dreamlike trance. Furthermore, the big picture ended as pompously as it started – a noteworthy cliff-hanger.

As insipid as it started, Part One of Breaking Dawn was not “a trashy film”, but its prequels could surpass it in impact and beauty. For a supposedly grand finale, this one is a step backwards.

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