Rant and Rave: The Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

Once in a blue moon, there comes a piece of new literature that evokes so many incomprehensible emotions, all at the same time. All the words are so beautifully arranged together that the piece creates an entirely new reality. New young adult fiction rarely reach this standard, but Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare exceeds all expectations.

Image courtesy of Margaret K. McElderry Books

Clockwork Prince is the sequel to Clockwork Angel in the steampunk, young adult series: The Infernal Devices, penned by Cassandra Clare. It continues the story of Tessa, Will, and Jem and their forthcoming war with the Magister, who continues to threaten the Shadowhunters. They strive to uncover the past of The Magister, and discover their real allies are along the way. Tessa finds herself torn between her present and her past; Will confronts more than just summoned demons; and Jem feels the rarity of the time he has left to live.

The book has a stronger emotional hold than its predecessor. Clare mastered careful and precise imagery. Her imagery creates a strong attachment between the readers and the characters that it creates a relationship beyond paper. The book shows much more depth and wholeness than anything else Clare has ever written. The characters are well established, making readers more sympathetic for their personal woes. The plot twists are ingeniously clever and readers are left with Clare’s standard cliff hanger that leaves you with wild anticipation.

The few minor inconsistencies in dialogue, missing details and lacking Chinese intonations here and there make the book a little dragging and confusing to read. Still, Clockwork Prince proves what Clare said in her acknowledgement, “Khalepa ta kala” (which means “beauty is harsh”). Indeed it is.

By Jonnah Dayuta

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