The La Salle Dance Company (LSDC) held its annual dance competition dubbed Remix ‘12 last November 9 at the Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium. The event attracted many the non-LSDC Lasallian dance crews that showcase their dancing prowess. The year’s Remix incorporated the theme, ‘Heroes of Faith.’

Hosted by RX 93.1 DJ and DLSU alumna Cerah Hernandez together with LSDC-Street’s Ken Laput, Remix ‘12 introduced something new this year with the inclusion of the Rookie Category to complement the All-Stars Category as program aims to draw attention to young dance crews.

Remix ‘12 Project Head Ella Fortun explained, “This year, it’s different because we have two divisions. Usually it’s just one for the entire competition, but since we want more crews to join and not be intimidated by former winners… we found out that people joined more and brought their supporters along as well.”


Panel of judges


To make the competition stiffer and more exciting, LSDC tapped five of the best choreographers and coaches from different dance crews in the country to judge the crews. Some of the choreographers are LSDC alumni.


The judge roster include 4th World Hip Hop Championships Co-choreographer Angelica Arda, 2012 Legit Status adult division roster member JJ San Juan, Chicser Choreographer and Director and UPeepz Co-founder Chips Beltran, the recent World Hip Hop Championships coach and LSDC alumnus Froilan “Jhong” Mesina and women’s artistic gymnastics of the Philippines National Coach Marlon Ignacio.


Gamble pays off for ABC Crew


Six crews started the battle in the rookie division. All-male group, the ABC Crew spoiled Skittlez Crew’s double championship.

A group composed of former LSDC-Street members Rodge Villanueva, Enzo Cruz, Vince “XJ” Alonzo, Mark De Leon and Andrew Garcia took a huge wager and opted to perform a single-song classical performance that separated the group from the rest of the competition.

“It was very fulfilling because we had a lot of things that constrained us, and also because we risked by doing an out-of-the-ordinary routine. We chose to do it because it has never been done in Remix before, and we want to use this opportunity to do so,” explained Villanueva.

Initially, the group decided to join Remix ‘12 for them to have fun after going their separate ways, following their resignation from LSDC.

The ABC Crew also disclosed that the group barely made the competition after paying for tickets the team had to sell. According to the rules, groups need to sell a minimum number of tickets to enter the competition. The ABC Crew had to provide the cash for the tickets since most of the group’s close friends are from LSDC, the event organizers.

Participants that went all out in challenging eventual winner the ABC Crew and runner-up Skittlez All Stars are Team Elite: Legacy, all-girl dance crew Haute Muse of C1G, male group Visual Kings and the Frixion Crew.


Skittlez scores three-peat


Deemed to be the most famous veteran non-LSDC dance crew in the University, the Skittlez Dance Crew, which is composed of Florenz Trinidad, Paulo Buenaventura, Rocky Estallo, Val Gran, Rolando Mercado, Alex Centeno and Richard Ong, was successful in snaring the title for the third consecutive year.

The team currently holds six trophies; four of which are championships.

Bago kami sumayaw, parang hindi na namin pinapansin yung championships. Gusto lang talaga namin sumayaw for the love of it, kasi family namin yun [dancing]”, shared Trinidad.

The crew wore white long sleeves, black vests and red-colored neckties, and showed off their versatility, and acrobatic stunts in a five-minute performance.

Trinidad shared that they started practicing since September, holding regular trainings at the School of Design and Arts (SDA) Building of DLS-CSB before the team returned to the Yuchengco Lobby where the group normally practiced.

Other dance crews, which gave Skittlez a run for its money, were ComOne Ground (C1G), Team ELITE Varsity, Cadence Uprockin Crew, Z-Ave., and Air Force United Legaci.

Fortun remarked that the competition has changed in the past few years. She explained, “Remix was just for fun, but now we can really see that the competition heated up. Over the years it has really become a way for them to perform, to use it as performance, and competition [too].”

Vice Chancellor for Lasallian Mission and Alumni Relations Br. Bernard Oca FSC and DLSU President and Chancellor Br. Ricardo Laguda FSC attended the event.

Br. Ricky lauded, “This is something that we must very proud of as Lasallians. Here we can see a lot of students who are really very artistic, very talented in the field of dance and [are also] very expressive and creative.”

Brian Lance Tamayao

By Brian Lance Tamayao

Jerome Alvarez

By Jerome Alvarez

33 replies on “LSDC holds Remix ‘12”

How come the judges are comprised of only one genre? And its Hiphop. And what sucks even more is that one of the judge is a former coach for the Skittlez crew, if im not wrong? There isnt something new to the genre of Skittlez, its like watching the same performance for 3 years. If only the judges were credible enough to judge a competition without bias at all.

mukhang hindi naman isang genre lang. oo, nangibabaw yung hiphop pero alam ko sabi sa article yung isang judge ay artistic gymnastics ang forte, at saka nagawa ring manalo ng ABC Crew kahit hindi hiphop yung performance nila, so hindi mo masasabi na bias agad. at saka napanood ko rin ito at lahat naman sa all-star division hiphop ang genre so it turned out na para sa kanila skittlez yung best. kapag ganito namang contest lagi mo dapat huliin ang kiliti ng mga judges. hayaan na nating ganun. 😀

so ano naman masasabi mo sa isang judge, which is a former coach for the skittlez? di ba naisip ng organizers na merong chance na it would be biased since that judge is associated with a group?

and yes ABC deserve to win with their performance former LSDC street members ba naman eh. haha

May tendency talagang bias pero inisip rin naman siguro noong judge yung delicadeza. Pwedeng maging bias siya, kasi discretion nila yung judgment pero isipin na lang din natin, isa lang siya. May apat pa, kahit i-rig niya in favor of Skittlez yung sa kanya, I think it won’t be enough to win it, though I have to say na crucial yun. Still, four more judges can outweigh his scores and if sa ibang judges at least nasa top two ang Skittlez, then I guess it’s enough for them to win talaga. 😀

haha meron nga nagbigay ng 99% for skittlez eh :)) Talagang malaki chance nila manalo :)) Biruin mo first time ko makakita ng judge na nagbigay ng 99 sa isang competition :))

Hi Bystander! 🙂 As far as I know, Skittlez crew never had a coach. The judge you may be referring to only choreographed a segment of their piece from last year. If we’re going to discuss affiliations then we should also note that two of the judges have competed as part of Team Elite for Singapore Dance Delight. Shouldn’t that be something to consider if you’re going to say there was bias in the competition? The dance community is relatively small so don’t be surprised if a lot of dancers know each other. We promote love and healthy competition so please don’t get us wrong and question our credibility. 🙂 God bless!

Hope no one gets me wrong by mentioning Team Elite. I support them and I was just pointing out how dancers really do know each other. 🙂

Hi brosef, unless you post under your real name, your opinion counts for nothing.

Also, you are wrong on three points. First, Skittlez never had a coach. Second, the coaches weren’t all hiphop (which is a useless point since most of the competitors danced hiphop too). Third, Skittlez has always brought something new year after year. Heck, many of the crews danced songs Skittlez ALREADY USED in previous Remixes 🙂

If you think you’re watching the same performance over three years, you are absolutely technically correct. The 2010, 2011, and 2012 performances were all winning performances 🙂

Skittlez has been around since 2007, never had auditions, battle each other, have a basic academic requirement, and grew its own dancers over 5-and-a-half years. If your crew is bitter about that, well then, do the same. It works. Peace.

Jason Cruz
Skittlez Crew, 2007 – Present
Papi, 2008 – 2010

Minor correction: Skittlez has 6 trophies 🙂 3rd Place (’07), 2nd (’12 Rookie Division), and Champion (’08, ’10, ’11, ’12 All-Star Division). Good job to the dinosaur candy crew of DLSU/CSB! 🙂

Is there even a decent competition na di gumagamit ng percentage scoring? If you guys are so confident na walang bias may we please ask that you post the scoresheets? There are rumors kasi na may nagbgay ng scoring na above pa sa percentage ee. I know you guys will say na “eh sus chismis lang pala”, but most of the time rumors are true 😉

Naks! Rumors talaga! At “most of the time” “rumors are true!” Hahahaha unless you post under your real name, your opinion is like yesterday’s gum under the shoe 🙂 Also, you obviously have no idea what a dance competition is. My sincere and kind suggestion would be either to keep practicing and try to beat us (good luck) or stop crying and accept the fact that your crew has been losing for the last 3 years. Get over it, nakakasawa na ang iyak niyo 😛

Get. Over. It. Or battle na lang, ang galing niyo sa hip hop diba? 🙂 Sige nga, anong spelling ng “bitter losers”? :)) Hahaha.

I am the director of the event. I approved the choice of judges. i know them all except for one who is my junior. i briefed them all regarding what REMIX is and what we are looking for as winners. I posted on Remix’s FB group on what the event is about already.

If there was bias sa tingin nyo, let me know officially. I will call them all back for you and we will discuss how they judged you and your group. Please DO NOT involve my officers and managing team because they did not have anything to say about the results (ever since Remix started). We too have our own opinions on who we liked most. That is why we bring the judges backstage and talk to them to get their consensus because we don’t want things like these to happen.

If you have any problems with how the show was done; direction, production, administrative-wise, please do email me. But never involve my officers, our dancers and LSDC for they have done their job well. You should actually start your comments by saying thanks because they all did it for free and with utmost love and dedication. If you have anything to say, you email me or the Culture and Arts Office of the university, otherwise, we can’t accommodate your grievance, sayang lang ang mga tinatype nyo.

It’s just disappointing that you are writing these on an article that is public to every one who loves Remix and what it does. REMIX IS FOR DANCE as I once said. The judges were there to do their jobs. They are only bias to who who they think should win.

I will understand if a fan, a member or even a competitor wrote these comments and making issues about our show, pero kung choreographer and coach ang nagsulat ng mga ito, naku, please, I know you know better.

The dance community, which unfortunately you belong to, is not fond of these ways, more so event organizers.

— Peter Alcedo, Jr. Director, Executive Producer, Lighting Designer — REMIX ’06 – ’12.

PS: I am apologizing to The Lasallian in behalf of LSDC for these things that are happening on your wall. Rest assured I will take care of it personally. Thank you for covering Remix :), Animo La Salle!


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