Rant and Rave: ‘Wreck-It Ralph’

Rating: 4.0/4.0
Image courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Classics meet the modern as Wreck-it Ralph mixes up the nostalgic feel of old age video game graphics and style into a modern day 3D animation feature film, surely making us reminisce the days of pixelated gaming and old school consoles.

The movie’s protagonist, Wreck-it Ralph, has become tired of being a villain of the old school video game Fix it Felix and has grown discontent and underappreciated by the populous of the game. He then sets forth to find a semblance of recognition from his peers in the vast network of arcade worlds.

As always, Disney does not only boast superb graphics, but also brings heart-warming and heart-clenching storylines and twists. The movie utilizes elements from old-school video games, like the slow click-by click frame rate and pixelated action sequences, turning them into high definition 3D graphics while keeping the classic and nostalgic feel of the games. The style has given the movie a unique depiction to retro video game antics. Comical and memorable.

The movie also joins old and new graphics andcombines both retro and new games into a mix of games in the storyline.  Though most of the time, the movie gets references from much older games, viewers both young and old can still appreciate the plot and graphics of the film.

Disney has once again delivered a movie that does not disappoint in creating something that touches the kid in us. This is a movie worth watching more than once.

Anthony John Tang

By Anthony John Tang

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