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LSDC bags championship, defends title

The La Salle Dance Company – Street (LSDC-Street) placed first in the Lactacyd Confidence Confidance Mash-up Season 3 held at the ABS-CBN Dolphy Theater, December 8, 2012, successfully defending the crew’s championship title.

This season, the all-girls competition introduced a new set of mechanics. Each of the finalists drew lots for a female icon they would have to represent in the final battle, and a judge was assigned to each team as a mentor. LSDC-Street grooved to tunes by the queen of pop, Madonna, with Lema Diaz of the Philippine All-Stars as the group’s mentor.

LSDC-Street Senior member and Assistant Company Manager Ella Fortun explains, “We were surprised by the new rules… but our team loves new challenges. Because of faith and continuous practice, the dancers were able to transform their routine from something ordinary into one that we believed would surely leave an impact on the judges.”

Judge Meg Cordova also describes the routine as one that was cleverly put together. She furthers, “Coming into the finals, we were looking for the team that would best channel the icon that was assigned to them. While I was watching LSDC-Street’s performance, for a moment, I forgot about the team. I was watching Madonna on stage.”

With an average score of 85.33 percent, the team won the championship and a cash prize of P200,000.

The University of the Philippines Manila Indayog Dance Varsity, STI Balagtas Balaraw Dance Troup, and the University of the Philippines Los Banos Street-Jazz Dance Company, placed second, third and fourth respectively. The four dance crews, including LSDC-Street, bested 15 other colleges and universities in the auditions and semi-finals to secure a spot in the finals.

In the high school division of the competition, St. Paul College Pasig Terpsichore placed first.

Lactacyd Confidance is a project of Lactacyd in partnership with ABS-CBN. Clips from the competition will be aired on Sundays at Studio 23.

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By Dana Uson

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