ITEO examinations encounter delays

As early as 7 am, students have been lining up for the exam conducted by the Institutional Testing and Evaluation Office (ITEO) since February 20 on the 4th floor of the Henry Sy, Sr. Hall (HSSH).

Students were asked to take the exams between 8am and 3pm in two testing rooms.

Because of the long lines and complaints, a new and extended schedule was made for all ID numbers, which will be held on March 4-5 and 6-8 from 8am – 4pm at the same location. In addition, the ITEO office will be using the multi-purpose room as a venue for examinations.

The annual ITEO exam is a requirement for all DLSU undergraduate students who have ID numbers including and between 108-112 to evaluate their psychological and thinking skills and their capabilities.


Students’ complaints

Students who have taken the 50-item exam in the HSSH have complained that many of them waited for more than two hours to take an exam that only took them 30 minutes to finish.

A student who had requested not to be named complains, “It’s such a hassle to take it because of the time restrictions. [Unlike] last year’s exam, nobody had trouble finding a time slot [because] it was scheduled.”

In addition, several students have complained that they have been taking the same exams year after year as evidenced by the dilapidated quality of the printed materials the office has been using for the examinations. Moreover, they do not know the purpose of the exams; they have also complained about the small venues the office is using this year.

Another complaint from several students is that while waiting in line, several ITEO employees announced that three rooms at the St. La Salle (LS) Hall and the Yuchengco Hall were available to students who would like to take their exams.

Prashant Kanchandani (II, CS) affirms that while he waited at the end of the line at 3:20 pm last February 21, a security guard announced 20 minutes after that he could take his exam in two rooms at the Yuchengco building.


ITEO’s stand

ITEO Director Violeta C. Valladolid explains that the University conceptualized the ITEO exam last 2007 in accordance with DLSU’s focus on transformative learning. She adds that the test was also included in the curriculum and implemented last 2008.

The exam is an institutional exam that students have to take during the third term of every academic year.

Despite the availability of examination materials, Valladolid adds that the recent Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) visit caused the inefficiency and the lack of adequate rooms for the exams.

To address the current situation, the office has reserved bigger rooms at the HSSH to accommodate up to 400 students at the same time.

Valladolid also verifies that the questionnaires are the same for a reason. She shares using the same questions would grant a fair and accurate yardstick to measure critical thinking skills students develop every year.

Valladolid assures that the ITEO is trying to make the system as convenient as possible for the students. She explains, “We actually have five testing rooms, and we did not expect that too many [students were] coming. We are very happy that the students are cooperative, and we hope that we would be able to manage the lines [this March].”

The ITEO, in the previous years, conducted the examinations during class hours. The office decided to change the system to cater to the students’ convenience and to avoid disrupting classes.

Valladoid says the office is doing everything it can. She adds, “We have foreseen, but classrooms were really not available.”


Beeping IDs

One concern of many students is their IDs. As a policy, students who do not take the exam after some time would have a problem with their ID, which would beep when scanned.

Valladoid explains, “We did that for those who were not able to take. We don’t make any punishment. We don’t do that. The beeping is more of a reminder.” She clarifies though that the warning will not affect any student’s enrollment or entrance to the campus.


Results of the exam

Valladoid says that her entire office is hoping for good results from the exam, and remarks that this test is one of the measures the office takes to measure psychological and thinking skills and capabilities of students in the University.

The results of the exam are submitted to the administrators and are included in one of the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) exhibits.

Students who would like to know the results of their exam may acquire the results at the ITEO.


The office’s agenda

The ITEO is also responsible for conducting psychological tests, which goes along with institutional evaluation and research activities at the University.

The aforementioned office’s annual exam given to the students serves as a measuring stick in gauging a students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills.

According to the office, test results are interpreted for the students’ admission, placement and guidance purposes.  The office also conducts the performance evaluation of DLSU’s administrators, faculty and selected non-teaching personnel.
Likewise, the ITEO assists graduate and undergraduate students through practicum supervision, psychometric, and research assistance and consultation.

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