Danz Dish 8: Hereafter


Hundreds of students watched the La Salle Dance Company-Street’s (LSDC-Street) annual dance concert titled Danz Dish 8: Hereafter last March 1 and 2 at the Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium.


Front acts

Four dance crews, which include the black-clad Iron Saints, Remix 2012 Rookie Division Champions ABC Crew, Skechers Street Dance Battle Year 8 second runner-up CSA Dance Troupe, and the ladies of The Crew started the Friday night concert.


LSDC-Street alumna Meriel Del Rosario delivered the opening remarks, and sang the opening prayer.


The following night, the Asia Pacific College (APC) Dance Crew and REMIX 2012 All-Star Category Champion the Skittlez Crew graced the stage, respectively, with an encore performance by The Crew.



Street started the concert with a nature-inspired routine, accompanied by Coldplay’s song Paradise. The icebreaking act also featured a mellow tone that was filled with interpretative dance choreography.


After a subtle theme, LSDC-Street amplified the decibels by performing seven dance skits that displayed each of the seven deadly sins: pride, sloth, gluttony, envy, greed, lust, and wrath in that order. Each of the seven capital sins was performed uniquely, highlighting the LSDC-Street’s versatility. Shortly after a dance solo by Ken Laput in the wrath performance, a few VTRs about hope were played.


Assistant Company Manager Ella Fortun explains, “Over the years, our theme always changes. Sometimes, it’s like entertainment only; sometimes, it’s values. But this time, we want it to be specific such as the deadly sins—the seven deadly sins to be exact. To conclude with that, we want to end it with hope to show that even though there is sin in the world, there’s still hope.”


Moments after, LSDC-Street treated the crowd by performing eight dance contest-winning pieces such as the ones performed at Maximum Groovity, Skechers Street Dance Battle, Lactacyd Confidence Confidance Mash-Up to name a few.


Participating audience members also received numerous prizes from LSDC-Street’s sponsors.


Unforgettable concert

Danz Dish 8, aside from being a thanksgiving party, also gave some members of Impulse, the alumni counterpart of LSDC-Street, the opportunity to dance under the spotlight once again.


Fortun explains, “It’s really the end of our student-dancer life for some of us who are already graduating. I think that tomorrow (Saturday’s concert), everything will get better because it’s our last shot. We’re really excited about it.”


Former Legit Status member and present LSDC newbie Lianna Martinez, (I-ADV), shared that she slept on her training clothes for certain nights after regular late night trainings in school which ended as late as 12 o’clock at midnight.


She ends, “It was really challenging but after performing, it’s all worth it. Parang that’s what we felt. After going through so much, we got through it together and we got to pull of a great show, hopefully.”


Eager for a three-peat

Danz Dish 8 will be the last concert LSDC-Street will host this school year. The group is, however, enthusiastic to prepare for and partake in the UAAP 75 Street Dance Competition, where La Salle will defend its two-time championship title since the demonstration event was introduced back in UAAP Season 73.


Fortun proudly ends, “It’s a commitment. We love what we do, that’s why we’re okay we do this (dancing). It’s not really tiring. I mean we get tired but we don’t get tired of it.”

Jerome Alvarez

By Jerome Alvarez

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