Crash Course: Tied up for Father’s Day

The days of May have come and gone by too quickly, but one could still remember the Mother’s Day escapade that had struck everyone with jitters of finding the perfect present. Piggy banks were crushed to avail her of a treat to the spa, a bottle of floral perfume, or pair of Jimmy Choo stilettos (or perhaps all three) while others made self- made handicrafts imbued with love. These were efforts to reciprocate the love that only a mother could offer (although we all know that it cannot be paralleled by such gifts). Mission accomplished. Better think of something better for next year

But is it all over? This month, valiant fathers all over the world will have their turn basking in the spotlight for an entire day because fatherhood is a difficult job, you have to admit. Unlike the Mother’s Day escapade, this one seems much simpler but it can still be tricky finding a present for father. A World’s Greatest Dad coffee mug? A Papemelroti paper scroll embossed with a Father’s day haiku? Why not give dad the traditional Father’s Day gift?




It’s a tie

The necktie is such a popular gift for dads that it has unofficially been declared as the traditional Father’s Day gift. Still, most fathers cringe at the idea of having a “useless” piece of cloth dangling down their shirt collar like a noose or even a leashed dog collar. The few neckties that they own only see bright daylight during occasions like weddings, funerals, and job interviews. Because these events are filled with boredom, grief, and apprehension, dads unconsciously associate having to wear a necktie with these negative emotions. As they get home, the tie is hurriedly taken off, nonchalantly thrown in the back drawer, and left to rot until the next occasion.

One doesn’t have to be dressed to the nines to pull off a necktie. Depending on its style and other garments that go with it, a tie can now serve as an accessory for a casual ensemble. Worn correctly, it adds splashes of color to an otherwise plain- looking collared shirt. This is important because most individuals unfortunately formulate extravagant judgments based on what one wears. However, not all ties are right for your dad. Remember, fathers have their own styles and personalities like any other person.

Tie one on

One doesn’t have to rummage deep into dad’s closet to find a black silk necktie. It is a wardrobe staple that fathers repeatedly wear to any formal event, especially when they’ve exceeded the boundaries of Filipino time and urgently need to grab a play- safe necktie to match their ensemble. And while we are playing safe, why not play around with other “safe” colors as well? With a diversity of colors that greatly exceeds those found in a box of 124 Crayola crayons, there’s definitely one that perfectly matches your dad’s occupation and personality.

Red is the ultimate “power tie”.  A man draped with a bright crimson tie exudes power and promptly commands all eyes on him. If your dad enjoys being the center of attention, this is the perfect color to add to his repository. Red is also used as a symbol of authority and determination, which definitely helps if your dad works as a high- ranking authority.

Not far from the red family is pink, which is perceived as more gentle and friendly. Kudos to whoever came up with “Real men wear pink” for not excluding the pink necktie. Only the most audacious men can pull off the pink necktie look with a certain degree of panache. Your dad would be surprised at how many compliments he would receive for wearing one. Meanwhile, blue is for stability and confidence, which is perfect for fathers who have to deal with cumbersome employees or the pressures of public speaking for their profession.

The old school tie

Pay homage to the British gentry’s school uniform with a diagonal-striped tie (also known as repp or regimental tie). One would picture a striped fabric donned by an erudite man in a navy blue blazer and gray trousers who walks around the halls of a prestigious university. Just stay away from very narrow lines arranged close each other because they tire the eyes easily.

Polka-dots and graphic ties patterned with superheroes or sports teams can help bring out your dad’s friendly and light- hearted side, but he must opt to minimize its use during formal events.

Finding the right patterned necktie can be quite complicated, even for an aficionado. The rule of the thumb is unpatterned ties go with patterned shirts, while patterned ties go in pairs with a plain- colored shirt.

Clipped ties

Zipper neckties are acceptable for dads- on- the- go, but clip-on ties should be thrown out of the closet. They are only to be worn by fathers who work as police enforcers or security guards to avoid criminals from pulling them hard in an act of resistance and causing suffocation to the wearer.

The necktie clip

Now that you have finally presented your dad with the perfect necktie, it is important to always keep it straight when he finally wears it with confidence. You don’t want to catch him incessantly straightening his tie every five minutes because you forgot about the tie clip. Much more than an inexpensive accessory that can pass for a faux fountain pen, it prevents the tie from fluttering around too much even on the slightest breeze, or when it accidentally gets in the way of your dad’s restroom business. Just keep in mind that the clip should never go wider than the necktie itself.

Family ties that bind

Some of us have trouble feeding our wallets straight from the baon-less days of summer,  so it’s practical to go for the affordable. One does not have to traverse miles for the nearest haberdashery; the men’s accessories section in any local department store offers a wide array of inexpensive yet wild sartorial statements that range from the simple skinny to the outrageous paisley neckties for any occasion. And for Father’s Day, make sure to tie the right one!

Armstrong Villamayor

By Armstrong Villamayor

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