Sikat II team heads to Australia for World Solar Challenge

The Lasallian community held a send- off last September 18 at the Central Plaza for the Sikat II team as they will be participating as the Philippine’s official entry in the 2013 World Solar Challenge.


World Solar Challenge

This challenge, which will be held in Darwin, Australia on October 6 to 13, entailed them to “design and build a car capable of traveling across the Australian continent on the power of sunlight and prove it by undertaking the 3,000 kilometer journey in the spirit of friendly competition against other teams.”


Sikat Solar Philippines will battle it out with 42 other teams from various universities from different countries. There will be three classes, each with its own stages and goals- Challenger Class, Cruiser Class, and Adventure Class. The team will be in the GoPro Adventure Class which is specifically made for returning teams who do not meet the requirements for Challenger class.


Sikat II modifications

Since 2007, the country has been joining the said event. Its first entry, Sinag,finished 12th place while its second entry,Sikat II, finished 19th place. However, this year, Dr. Alvin Culaba, hopes to finish in the top three. This would be possible with the solar car’s different modifications: lower coefficient of drag, lower ride height and smaller canopy, new brake design and suspension system, new Schwalbe Sleek tires with low coefficient of rolling resistance, a new battery management system and an improved telemetry and wiring- all of which took seven months to develop.

More than bringing pride to the Lasallian community, “this solar car represents our hard work and the creativity of our students” says Dr. Rosemary Seva, dean of the Gokongwei College of Engineering.


Sikat II team

Sikat II team comprises of mechanical and electrical engineering students and teachers. They were divided into three subgroups- electrical, mechanical and the race team. Sixteen students make up the electrical team and 15 for the mechanical team. Seven students, on the other hand, make up the race team- Anthony Canlas, the weather and telemetry monitor, Sam Gavinio, who is in charge of the electronics asset, Karlo Matriano on wiring and electronics, Elijah Romey, the solar car driver, Kenneth Navarro as the backup driver, Francis Pulmano who manages the battery and Ferdyn Rañosa, the scout driver and logistics assistant.

These students were also accompanied by faculty members- Leonardo Ambata, the battery safety and first aid officer, Jingo Badillo, the PR and media officer, Jack Catalan, the electrical team adviser, Dr. Alvin Culaba, team manager and spokesperson, Carl Mamawal, the solar car driver and logistics head, Isidro Marfori III, mechanical team adviser and Conrad Pantua, the safety officer.

Pauline Dayenu Batoctoy

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