Kahn voted in as Chief Legislator, LA floor leaders selected

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In preparation for the next academic year, the Legislative Assembly (LA) Representatives had a special session in order to fill in three key positions to further lead the Legislative Assembly for the upcoming academic year. This session was led by the current University Student Government (USG) President Carlo Inocencio.


The three positions that needed to be filled were as follows: Chief Legislator, Majority Floor Leader and Minority Floor Leader.


An election was held for the position of Chief Legislator. There were two Representatives who were in the running for the said position. These representatives were Patrick Kahn of CATCH2T17 and Micah Fernando of EXCEL2015. Both of them were given twenty minutes each to present their platforms to the other members of the Assembly. Their platforms revolved on their plans to improve the services and sessions of the Assembly while also stating how the tone of the LA sessions would be if they became Chief Legislator.


Kahn and Fernando emphasized that the limelight would be on the LA this academic year due to the fact that the plebiscite for the proposed new USG Constitution and the Student Handbook Revisions that will occur this year. After both of them presented their platforms, a question and answer portion was held for other Representatives to give their queries to the two candidates. A period of voting then ensued with Kahn being named Chief Legislator with fourteen votes against the three of Fernando.


With regards to the Floor Leaders, Patrick Alcantara of BLAZE2016 was named Majority Floor Leader while Meg Buensalido of EXCEL2014 was named Minority Floor Leader.


To start off its weekly sessions, the Legislative Assembly will have its first session during the first week of the academic year, Friday, May 23, 2014 in the conference room of the USG office.

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