Wanderland: A look at the local sounds

Kevin Prudon

Come one, come all, music enthusiasts! It’s that time of year again to revel in the grass-filled aural paradise + live Manila Art + musical ferris wheel also known as Wanderland. After a successful first run, Wanderland brings us back to Circuit Makati for our annual (and hopefully more than once a year) gathering of music, clouds, and endless grass to help satisfy your Coachella cravings. For this year’s event, their line-up is again another handful of exceptional acts from around the globe. But for this preview, we focus the sunrays on the bands that were born and raised here on our soil.



No introduction needed for this Superman of indie OPM, and there is nothing more suited for Wanderland than his own brand of chill. Before going solo, he recorded and toured with his Superfriends, but disbanded after the other rockers decided to focus on their original bands. But despite the loss, he proves that the good vibrations will never leave him, as his new album Soul Adventurer keeps intact that sweet, soulful, and free sound we’ve come to love from this grey-haired youth.

Suggested if you like: Bob Marley, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Urbandub, Love, Peace, Light, and organic anything.

Perfect auditory scenario: Exploring the depths of human nature, watching waves crash on the shore, and car rides with your hippie parents.


Techy Romantics

According to their Soundcloud page, the band started out as an idea by Dondi Virrey, and he thought of the name Techy Romantics because it described the music that he planned to create: “electronic and sensitive.” He then jammed with Camyl Besinga and Ryan Villena, and the rest is history. With a sound that is described as “edgy, dreamy, and trippy,” they have opened for some big names like Foster the People. Watch out for this trio and their smooth ‘chillectro’ beats that will surely encapsulate you in a misty haze.

Suggested if you like: Electronic, The xx, Two Door Cinema Club, Passion Pit, Foster the People, MGMT, and imaginary lights.

Perfect Auditory Scenario: Lying in bed as you wonder about the stars and zodiac signs. Also a perfect soundtrack after 2 AM… or before. Actually, any time works.


Chocolate Grass

Not much is known from the freshest band to make the line-up for this year’s Wanderland, but after listening to their music (we strongly recommend their cover of TLC’s Diggin on you), you better arrive early so you can watch these guys bring some sexy soul to Makati. Just like Brisom and Ransom Collective, Chocolate Grass found their way here by competing at Wanderband, and they have gradually been hitting up the scene with numerous gigs and even an appearance in FHM’s love issue. It comes to no surprise they got that feature as their sound oozes of sultry tones and straight-from-the-heart vocal release. Catch them deliver some groovitational music that will interweave the earth and the wind and make your thunder rumble.

Suggested if you like: Joss Stone, Corrine Bailey Rae, SinoSikat?, Neo-Soul, poetry with some jazz, and being pulled by the groovity.

Perfect Auditory Scenario: Staring outside the rain with some chamomile tea, sexy swaying in front of the mirror, and late night evenings with that significant other.



Brisom is a project of Brian Sombrero that describes itself as “a collection of songs that talk about his travels while away from the industry that he has grown up in.” Along with his bandmates Jason Rondero, Jeffrey Castro, Timothy Abbott, and Terence Teves, they create electro-rock music that is clearly full of passion. If you are a fan of electro music, Brisom is the answer to your prayers, as they combine introspective tunes with lyrics full of hugot. Catch this quintet and their slick sound, matched with sentimental lyrics that will surely give you feels.

Suggested if you like: Electro-rock, The Temper Trap, The Smiths, Passion Pit, passion, emotions, and feels.

Perfect auditory scenario: Alone time beside the windowsill while reflecting on everything that is sad and having an ultimate feels trip while the rain is pouring outside.


The Ransom Collective

Formerly known as “Kian Ransom,” The Ransom Collective became the first ever Wanderband by winning giving the contest of the same name presented by Karpos Multimedia. Described on the Wanderland website as having a sound that “combines elements of indie folk with unique percussive patterns, acoustic guitar driven leads, and full band vocal swells,” this six-piece band plays a brand of folk that can give you a laid-back, homey, but lively feeling that’ll bring you on your feet while raising your hands up in the air.

Suggested if you like: Indie folk, Of Monsters and Men, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and songs that use a lot more instruments than usual.

Perfect Auditory Scenario: A road trip around the country with friends on a refurbished old van (preferably a Volks) and a #wanderlust feels trip.


We’re just days away from one of the biggest gathering of music artists that this country will experience this year, and there is no doubt that the local flavors here in manila is more than ready to satisfy those musical cravings. Enjoy the destination, Wanderers!

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