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Gonzales breaks silence on allegations and trial proceedings, holds press con

Former University Student Government (USG) Vice President for External Affairs Mae Mae Gonzales held a press conference earlier today to break her silence on the Judiciary’s ruling on the impeachment case against her on grounds of gross negligence of duty.

On November 4, the Judiciary had unanimously ruled Gonzales guilty of gross negligence of duty in a court hearing where she was not in attendance. However, in the court opinion released on November 8, the Judiciary explained “that there was no substantial evidence presented that would merit the impeachment or disbarment of Ms. Gonzales from office and that would raise the established gross negligence as severe.” Instead, she is sanctioned with addressing a public apology to petitioner Norben Sagun Jr. and the undergraduate student body.


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Prior to the actual hearing, Gonzales had earlier sent a manifestation stating her non-recognition of the proceedings of the court. In her manifestation, she had argued that the Judiciary had a lack of jurisdiction since there are only two Magistrate positions occupied for this academic year. The USG Constitution states that the number of magistrates shall correspond to the number of colleges in the University. The Judiciary denied this motion in a resolution released on November 4.

In today’s press conference, she reiterated this argument once more. “I respect the court but I would also want it to follow what the constitution clearly states,” she expressed. “I do not undermine the capacity of these magistrates, but their procedures are not in compliance with the constitution.” She further argued that the Chief Magistrate position is currently vacant, and that in the event a split decision has to be made, there would be no deciding vote.

“My request was not for the delay of the hearing, but rather, for a fair trial,” Gonzales stated.

Gonzales also mentioned that she found the timing of the issue “suspicious and questionable.” The initial complaint against her was filed on October 13, the supposed second day of campaigning period for the USG Special Elections. At the time, Gonzales was running for the highest position in the USG.

“Just when I thought that the Special Elections would be about efforts to regain the trust of the students and share to them well thought of platforms, I was wrong,” she lamented. “It has been about well-orchestrated political moves.”


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The impeachment hearing for Gonzales was held last November 4. She was not in attendance because of a doctor’s appointment, while her defense opted not to enter a plea, maintaining that the court is not in quorum.

Despite the allegations pressed against her, Gonzales remains hopeful in the USG as an institution. She described, “I still believe in [the USG’s] purpose and its relevance to the student body. I hope that every one of you will continue to trust and believe.”

In her closing statements, Gonzales expressed, “I know that this time I could not ask for a fair trial in the USG anymore. Much worse, I could not ask for a chance to share my platform once again in a fair and clean election.”

“But then again, as a citizen of this country there’s something that I could seek, and that is justice,” she concluded.



A copy of Gonzales’ statement can be found here.

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43 replies on “Gonzales breaks silence on allegations and trial proceedings, holds press con”

Involving the administration of this school in a student government affair IS NOT justice. You’re no different than the dirty politicians we have in this country.

Oh my god…how dare you even compare this person to every other politician in this country? You are a despicable human being. Do you know that?

Justice: n. 1) fairness. 2) moral rightness. 3) a scheme or system of law in which every person receives his/ her/its due from the system, including all rights, both natural and legal. One problem is that attorneys, judges and legislatures often get caught up more in procedure than in achieving justice for all.

Uhmm thats the definition po ng justice…

Maybe this will enlighten you the definition of that term…maybe you are oblivious to know it yet.

Maybe you are the dirty politician here.

Maybe you should’ve appointed more magistrates if you wanted a “fair trial”. You helped appoint these magistrates. This is the best you have to deal with in the current situation. The Judiciary cannot be suspended when the rest of the government is not.

I agree the way this was publicized was fishy. But that’s what these elections have turned out to be lately. And people wonder why the students are apathetic to the USG.

“Ignorance of the law excuse none from compliance therewith.” PLAIN AND SIMPLE NO EMOTION INTENDED. And no wonder you’re not far from the “PROFESSIONAL” level of ill-politics in this country.

“‘Just when I thought that the Special Elections would be about efforts to regain the trust of the students and share to them well thought of platforms, I was wrong,'” Oh deary, it’s about you as an incumbent not as a candidate… just saying.

if you are saying that she is an incumbent…therefore, all of this is just a political scheme?

fyi its not her as an incumbent…it is her as one of the heads of the program (isnt that the whole point of this thing?)…please know the whole story…coz your statement has no bearing.

@disqus_SzObBeBuEl:disqus I do hate hasty generalization, yet your comment is an exemplary epic imbecilic reactionary foisting pity. Is she not an officer, therefore she’s an incumbent? And I’m not judging her as a person but as an officer / incumbent. Take CRITHIN class (seriously) please and learn LOGIC vs. FALLACIES. 🙂

This is SO unprofessional of her and how ironic that she complains about politics lol not exactly someone fit to be President..

You’d know it was fair because you received a slap on the wrist for what you did. If it was unfair, i’d say you’d get impeached. You’re just plain salty that what you did caused you to “lose” the election, but see here, we know Pram is just a way better candidate from the beginning. Justice will be served when we find where the money went, but until then, the evidence shows that you had a hand in this, and you were given a VERY FAIR punishment.

gaano ka totoo na directly related daw ito sa mga Enrile/Cayetano? Is she making USG her training ground? I hope i’m wrong :/ This is just sad. Maganda pa naman siya

Parang you’re taking this too far. i respect your opinion and all. But i don’t see the need for you to involve family members here.

Magsosorry na nga lang, magrereklamo pa? Buti nga hindi siya impeached.

It’s sad to see that we are really slowly being patterned to Philippine politics. Pa-press con presscon na umiiyak, sinasabi dinaya and whatever. Let us try to respect the justice system and abide by it. Honestly, siya nga yung nagpopowertrip dahil they are trying to ulet the administration meddle with this simple judiciary hearing.

I got nothing against the USG President, but she seriously sounds like Binay. “suspicious and questionable”, “well-orchestrated political moves”, does not go to court hearings. Although her complaint is valid that there is no quorum, is that really the whole point of her defense? No reason on why she says she is not negligent?

I’ve experienced her service ever since frosh and I must say, she’s ok. If someone replaced her, I think I’d still likely experience the same environment. Now to the problem, which is about the scholar who failed to receive his money on time. The money was so delayed that she offered her own money to compensate. She broke protocol, that’s it, no need to shame her and say bad things. But, it bugged me that she taught that this was used to prevent her from winning USG presidency. A problem, no matter when it came, is still a problem. You shouldn’t complain just because a person petitioned coincidentally during the campaign. I mean, if the problem arose before the elections, do you think you could still win as president? What if it arose after, do you think you won’t be impeached? the answer is no. Lol stop forcing your resume to have more content, in the end that’s everything you only really wanted anyway.

That’s not the only complaint. There was supposed to be an expense of 50,000 in the budget but mysteriously became 60,000. She claims she did not know about it but the paper trail shows that it was authorized under her committee.

We make our decisions, and then our decisions turn around and make us.
Wag lang personalan.

Wish she would just explain her side already instead of winning through technicality.
Dami pa kulang sa story na to so no final judgement here. But her recent actions and excuses eerily mimics Philippine politics and VP Binay, and that’s what disgusts me.

For the information of the many, we just can’t declare and say the full complete story because of court law and many other factors . As much as we want to announce to the people what really happened, we want to do in a proper venue and in a proper way, (tho the mass wont understand that kasi puro haters lang sila haha), wag ka magalala kating kati na rin kami makapagsalita para napashut up lahat ng haters. Coz I know when we do, they wilk all shut up haha

For me its really embarrassing lalo na for the stupid people who kung makacomment kala mo naman daming alam, comments like filling up resume, daming reklamo and mga negstive stuff are very immature comments. Haters be haters di talaga mawawala yan.

in the same vein of logic yung ginawa ni palparan/marcos/hitler nalang ijujudge ko baka naman kasi mabuti siyang tao.

also she placed herself into this position. her being an official of the usg, a representative of the student body, gives said student body the right to speak up if they don’t like what they see. that’s politics for you.

huwag mong sasabihin samin na ni isang beses di mo namura si erap dahil di siya nagsuspend agad.

you’re too good of a politician. halata talagang politicians parents mo. nakakaawa kasi bata palang ganyan ka na. kaya ka lang naman mag-USG president kasi gusto mo magrun for national elections as councilor eh. HAHA TALO HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

To me it seemed like ‘SINCE I HAVEN’T SEEN A PROJECT WITHOUT DELAYS OR HURDLES AT ALL, IT’S EXCUSABLE THAT THIS PROJECT ALSO HAD ALSO THINGS LIKE DELAYS AND HURDLES’. So is she trying to justify her mistake by saying that all USG projects are all imperfect?

I thought this was an apology, but it turns out na she was just making excuses
Im kinda disappointed zzzzz

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