Enrique M. Razon Sports Center: The Nucleus of DLSU Fitness

While the Enrique M. Razon Sports Center is associated mostly with varsity practices, students’  FITWELL, FTSPORT, FTTEAMS, or FTDANCE classes, or even parking spaces, this nine-storey building has more to offer and provide. From lifting weights in the gym to stretching it out on the Yoga mat, Razon, as it is more commonly known, offers Lasallians various amenities to complement their active lifestyles.

The LaSallian explores the nearly 20-year-old building, which was also once known as the Br. Athanasius Sports Complex, and details some of the activities and services that the building offers aside from your usual courts and rooms.


Swimming at the pool

One of the lesser-known amenities of the Enrique Razon Sports Center is the swimming pool. While many people know of its location, very little know that it is available for students to use. Avid swimmer Riane Ordona describes the pool as “fun and chill.” All one needs are a lock for their belongings and the proper swimming attire and they are all set.

“I want to exercise at school but jogging isn’t really my thing,” she further explains. “I used to swim in high school so I love to swim. I don’t really see a lot of people swimming but DLSU has a really nice pool.”


Yoga+ Express on the 2nd

Yoga is becoming more and more popular among those looking to de-stress amid all the hustle and bustle. Yoga+ Express, which is located on the second floor, offers an average of eight classes a day to give students and school employees flexibility with their schedule, making it very convenient for them to hit the mats during school hours

Shaina Tan, a Yoga novice, enjoys the strategic location of the studio. “It’s very accessible for students, especially those living in Taft,” she says. “I started out with the beginner’s package but I really enjoyed it so I just signed up for more classes.”

According to Roxanne from Yoga + Express, the number of enrollees is rapidly increasing for the “First-Timer Special” program, which costs Php 560 for a week of unlimited sessions, are rapidly increasing. While many come in not knowing a thing about yoga, she says that many customers sign up for further classes after their first week.

Fitness at Razon_Miko Fernando

Basketball at the 7th

Basketball is nearly every Filipinos’ favorite sport and it is no exception for most of La Salle’s students. In between PE classes, many students often flock to the two courts located at the seventh floor. Whether they are facing old or newfound friends, the pickup games are usually as competitive as the scrimmages the Green Archers have two floors above. When asked to describe the games, Pio Alfonso responds saying, “Challenging. It’s very challenging because everyone wants to win. I usually go with like four or five blockmates so we’re usually one team. Once we go there, we find another five guys and we just play.”

One of his blockmates is Martin Castro, a former member of the DLSZ Junior Archers who misses the thrill of playing for the Green-and-White. Because making it to the Green Archers is very tough, Castro looks for different ways to play the game he loves.

“I really miss the game since I’m not varsity anymore but playing with my friends during breaks is really fun,” he says. “I also play in the LSAL but games here are usually as competitive as the ones there.”


Jogging on the 8th

Housed on the eighth floor of the building is a 160-meter rubber track. Many students flock to the oval during their breaks or after class to get in their daily dose of exercise.

“It’s really convenient because I want to jog but I don’t want to join a gym so this is really perfect for me,” says Donna Elomina, who frequents the track. “I go here whenever I have free time. I know a lot of people who also go here to jog when they have long breaks or while waiting for their drivers.”

Aside from the joggers, many people stay on the side to do specific body exercises. Freshman Jea Gadia mentions, “After I jog, I usually do some sit-ups or leg raises. La Salle provides mats on the seventh floor so it’s easy. I have some really long breaks so this helps me pass the time.”


Gym on the 9th

While the athletes’ gym has exclusive access and is larger and more appealing, students are still able to use a modest looking gym at the mezzanine of the ninth floor. It may be simple, but still very useful and effective. Many Lasallians who either hit the weights or get in for a quick cardio workout during their breaks occupy the La Salle Fitness Club.

Rafael Badilla says that he is not an ardent gym-goer, but he mentions that the Razon gym gives him a place to start. “I’m not as massive as most of the guys here but it’s good to know there’s a gym in DLSU,” he says. “It’s not really that nice so I can’t wait for Gold’s Gym to open soon.”

While only a select few of the DLSU students are UAAP athletes, there is still a place for them at Razon. Whether it’s swimming some laps or shooting some hoops, Razon can be so much more than just “the place we go for PE.”

By Brent Guiao

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