Taft 4 Dead: Surviving the apocalypse

Zombies have been showing up everywhere—on our TV screens, through hit TV show The Walking Dead, on our computer monitors, through the cute little game Plants vs. Zombies, and apparently, even on our own campus. The zombies in Taft aren’t going away anytime soon, it seems, what with the continued popularity of Taft 4 Dead. What is Taft 4 Dead, anyway? Based on the posters we see around school, the posts on social media, and the various corpses shuffling around campus, it’s safe to say that whatever this event is, it probably involves zombies.



Taft 4 Dead is actually already on its fifth edition, this year, being spearheaded by BLAZE2016, BLAZE2017, CATCH2T18, and FAST2013. The event itself is based on the concept of a zombie invasion happening on campus, and the student participants are either running for their lives or running after their meals. Based on the success of the popular computer game Left 4 Dead and the similarly zombie-infested fun run Outbreak Manila, it is of no shock that Taft 4 Dead has been a hit with the Lasallian population for its last four editions. But what is it about this year’s version that sets it apart from the previous years?
For Taft 4 Dead’s anniversary this April 1, the teams organizing the event will be pulling out all the stops in terms of realism and ambiance. The zombie makeup will reputably be receiving an upgrade, and the props used will hopefully build and exude the apocalyptic vibe that participants are after. But it won’t just be the regular ole walking dead that the runners have to watch out for. According to our intel, not only will the terrifyingly named Zombie Clown be making an appearance, but Slenderman may be deciding to stretch his long slender legs for a walk along Taft on the night of the 1st of April. This year, they’re also adding side quests to add to the runners’ agenda that may be key in getting through the night unscathed.
Participants can choose to be a runner if they are particularly masochistic and believe they have the same survival skills as Daryl Dixon. On the other hand, they can choose to be zombies if they’d rather be the ones tormenting the poor souls left in this apocalyptic wasteland. Runners form teams of four, and have to race against both the clock and the undead by completing the side quests and getting past the obstacles in their way. Zombies can sign up by themselves, and will finally feel the thrill of killing by chasing after the runners and getting the flags tied around their waists which symbolize their lives in this apocalypse. There are fees, but aspiring zombies get makeup, as well as a seminar teaching young little zombies how to properly scare the humans.
All the proceeds for this event will go to the Government Assistance Fund which provides 0% loans to DLSU students, such as tuition loans which help students secure a sustainable future for higher education, book loans which promote accessible education to Lasallians, calamity loans which ensure stability and welfare in peoples’ basic livelihood, thesis loans which ensure students’ success in their chosen fields, and emergency loans which offer immediate assistance to unexpected financial expenses.
Don’t miss out on the highly successful Taft 4 Dead this year! Brag to your friends about surviving this apocalyptic night or grin smugly as you recount the number of brains you ate for snacks that night.

Denise Nicole Uy

By Denise Nicole Uy

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