Parties, candidates present platforms in MDA ‘16

For this year’s General Elections (GE) season, political parties Alyansang Tapat sa Lasalista (Tapat) and Santugon sa Tawag ng Panahon (Santugon) presented their platforms in the Miting de Avance held last July 29 at the Gokongwei Lobby.



Tapat presidential bet Kevin Tan stated that he pushes for an undivided Lasallian community which will allow for the voices of the minority to be heard through platforms sourced from the students themselves. Emphasizing that the student body should be united in the upcoming elections, Tan backed his statement by pointing out that there should be a community that will accept differences among its members, a USG that will listen to its constituents, and reforms that will abolish injustices that happened in the past terms.

“We are no longer the minority but the majority in waiting. Tayo ang magdadala ng buong boses ng mga estudyante,” Tan declared.

Meanwhile, Santugon presidential candidate Zed Laqui also presented his views on a student-centered University that will listen to each student’s concerns, backed with platforms that focus on unity, diversity, student empowerment, excellence, and potential.

Laqui expressed his sentiments regarding his vision for a University that every student can call theirs. Having served as Executive Treasurer for the past academic year, he stressed that he is “more than willing and more than ready to serve [the student body] once more.”



Leadership by example is what Santugon candidate for Vice President for Internal Affairs Karl Ong advocated in his speech. Ong promoted a type of leadership that is guided by example through platforms such as research-based policies, greater collaboration with the sectors outside the University, and accessible campus services in his speech.

Ong reasoned out that these platforms, especially fostering greater collaboration with sectors outside the University, will redefine student life.

Tapat’s Erielle Chua, on the other hand, spoke of her belief that it is time for the USG to listen and act upon the students’ concerns. “Be there to assist and guide them through it,” she said. Chua emphasized that there will always be minority groups in the University, and stressed that there should be no discrimination in terms of who the students are and what they believe in.

She proposed an unprejudiced USG that will promote the abolishment of discrimination from various sectors, the provision of assistance to students especially in filing grievance cases, and support transparency through open systems of communication.



For Tapat’s Vice President for External Affairs candidate Jason Dizon, real leadership and service are needed in forging honest solutions in a student government that works for its students. Upholding “politics of honesty,” Dizon stated that his party will continue advocacies the previous officers were able to effectively champion. In terms of the shortcomings of the previous batches of the USG, however, Dizon stressed, “When something’s wrong, you call it out and you change it.”

Dizon clarified that he is not running in the USG because of personal ambition, but rather because of platforms. Real leadership and real service can be attained “if you vote for Tapat,” said Dizon.

Meanwhile, Reigner Sanchez, Santugon’s candidate for the same position, advocated for dynamic and dedicated leadership and governance. “Service is something you do without expecting anything in return,” he highlighted, urging students to allow him to lose himself in service of the students and to bring a College of Education brand of leadership in the USG.

Sanchez also said that he aims to provide and expand engaging external activities, among them on-the-job trainings abroad.



Running for Executive Secretary, Monica Otayza of Santugon presented her platform to unite the Lasallian community through student empowerment, efficiency and efficacy, creation of student hubs to set correct information dissemination, and the creation of student leadership modules and an SMS system to communicate USG-related announcements to the student body.

“What I love to do will always be greater than fear,” Otayza said as she began her speech. “To be of service is what I want to do for the rest of my life,” she continued. In building a student-centered University, she said that her love for the students and for the office will lead in the fight.

Tapat’s Mikee de Vega, meanwhile, expressed her intent to call for unity in a student-centered government where the USG will listen through providing relevant information and genuine student services to the students. De Vega asserted that her party has given the student body a platform that the students need. “I shouldn’t only be talking to you, I shouldn’t be just hearing you. I should be listening to you,” she said.

De Vega said that she intends to understand why the student body has started to think that the USG is irrelevant. “It’s time we start asking them. It’s time to change our communication system,” she stated, as she promoted relevant information and a culture of bravery and courage. “It’s important to understand where we are weak,” she proposed in relation to strengthening these said weak points.



Tapat’s Maryss Ong, candidate for the position of Executive Treasurer, expressed her belief that every leader should be driven by genuine student service, as well as transparent and accountable leadership. Ong reiterated the rebuilding of the relationship of the students and the USG, which she said was corrupted in previous years.

“We continue to pay for a budget that does little to alleviate our concerns in our campus life,” she stressed, on tuition fee concerns. Regarding budget allocations of tuition fees, Ong expressed that her office will be careful in its management of funds.

Brian Chen of Santugon, running for the same position, expressed, “Nais kong mabigyan ang bawat Lasalyano ng oportunidad at financial policies na mararamdaman niyo.” He then presented his platform and projects, which include the online payment of tuition fees and a student financial assistance program, among others.

Chen also stressed the importance of the students’ trust and his capability of handling the responsibilities that go along with the position. “Hindi lang pera ang aalagaan, kundi pati ang tiwala ninyo,” he explained.


College of Computer Studies (CCS) President

CCS Santugon []

Jorge Francisco, Santugon’s contender for CCS President, talked about his vision of delivering true servant leadership. He expressed his plan of establishing a student-centered CCS where students do not fear learning new things and facing challenges in pursuit of attaining “the goal of one CCS.”

CCS Tapat []

Tapat’s bet for the same position, Marc San Pedro, emphasized the need for every student to be given same opportunities without discrimination. Moreover, he proposed unity of the students in facing “the University’s toughest issues and the nation’s toughest questions.”

See the full video here.


Br. Andrew Gonzalez College of Education (BAGCED) President


Yans Joaquin, Tapat candidate running for BAGCED President, expressed her frustration over the inability of her constituents’ capabilities to be maximized. She then proposed the platform of maximizing the potential of Lasallian educators and creating projects that will continue to exist until the end of BAGCED.

CED Santugon []

Santugon’s Cel Cruz, also running for the same position, expressed her passion to fight for the students who are afraid to show their true potentials. “I believe in maximizing each and every potential that you have,” claimed Cruz.

See the full video here.


Ramon V. del Rosario College of Business (RVR-COB) President

COB Tapat []

Tapat’s candidate for RVR-COB College President Hans Manzano shared the need for exploration and experience.“We need to be recognized and exposed to different enterprises,” Manzano stressed as he pushed for recognition and exposure not just in corporations, but also in different enterprises.

COB Santugon []

Rizza Tan, running for the same position under Santugon, expressed her belief in the greatness and potentials of her constituents. She stated her goal of creating “opportunities to make [the students] globally competitive” and a leadership driven by purpose.

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Gokongwei College of Engineering (GCOE) President

COE Santugon []

Santugon’s GCOE College President candidate Jan Si stated the need for students to actively search and to grow as persons. He explained the need for a leader who can dream for the college, emphasizing heart, dedication, and integrity.

COE Tapat []

Justine Basco, running for the same position under Tapat, proposed the modernization of student services, creation of opportunities in order to close the gap of learning and society building, and the maximization of efforts. She also called for the establishment of a national identity for the college.

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School of Economics (SOE) President

SOE Santugon []

Santugon’s bet for SOE College President Chloe Cheng talked about what a student government should be. She asserted that student governments should stand for the students and by the students. She also called for the balance of platform and personality in a government.

SOE Tapat []

Tapat’s Kyle Luna, also running for the same position, started his speech by apologizing for the failure of implementing activities that are relevant to the students. From there, he proposed a student government that is trustworthy and will prioritize students’ interests.

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College of Science (COS) President

DSC_0585 []

Kyle Junsay, Santugon’s candidate for COS College President, advocated for holistic excellence and commitment to success. He called on students to reevaluate principles in maintaining the foundation of our University and the country. “I believe there is more that we can do for this college and everyone will realize when the sun shines back in the [COS],” he claimed.

DSC_0542 []

Meanwhile, Tapat’s Aiah Carumba, advocated an undivided student body to achieve the goal of a COS that is prominently known as the premier science college in the country. “We want you to have the things that you need and you deserve,” she expressed.

See the full video here.


College of Liberal Arts (CLA) President

CLA Santugon []

Santugon’s Gabbie Perez mentioned that her loss in previous elections drove her to run again. She called for the need to embrace excellence in each individual. She proposed for the empowerment of humanities and social sciences and a student-centered University.

CLA Tapat []

Sabine Dualan, running for the same position under Tapat, began by lamenting the failure of the USG to fulfill promised projects and platforms . She proposed the abolishment of discrimination, the promotion of diplomacy and professionalism, and correction of unjust policies.

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The voting period for this year’s elections will be from August 2 to 4, and the counting of votes will be facilitated by the USG Commission on Elections (COMELEC) on August 5th.

By Yasmin Cariño

By Ramon Castañeda

By Kheem Gines

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