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The age-old adage describing the comforts of good food and good company is about to take on an interesting addition this Saturday, February 18, at Circuit Makati with the Green Media Group’s Tagpo: Isang Pagtitipon, a celebration of local food, music, and film. The premise is simple: Highlights of the local art scene provide an all-in-one feast of sounds, sights, and fare as you and your friends enjoy a Saturday night shindig.

Bringing together a collection of a curated line-up of musicians, food concessionaires, and independent filmmakers, it’s GMG’s take on modern cultural festivals, and as one of its project heads shares, “It’s a gathering of people who love all of these things. So when they’re there they’ll be able to see a little of each.”



Tagpo wouldn’t be a gathering without food. As you drown yourself with films and music, don’t forget to come up for air for locally-owned concessionaires ready to fill you up for the night.

Tagpo will satisfy your cravings from stalls offering sundry meals. For a meaty and cheesy dinner, try The Cheesesteak Shop. If you’re in the mood for some chicken wings, put on your gloves for Dem Wings. And for your Mexican fix, Noble Comida will be there with some chili and nachos.

For refreshments, John Lemon will be serving up some fresh lemonade while Starr’s Famous Shakes will be there should you crave for milkshakes. Other drinks such as Authentic Thai Aroy Mak and Roots Beer & Co., will also quench your thirst as you sing along to the songs of your favorite bands.

Watching films is always better with something to munch on. Ditch the popcorn and try out the snacks from different stalls. For some flavorful fries, have a plateful of Fratelli’s with their pork gravy or chili frita sauce. Sweet tooths will also be enjoying different dessert snacks from The Fluffery and Below 35.

With Tagpo’s lineup of bands and films, these concessionaires will accompany you throughout the night, never leaving you with an empty stomach.



Eager to get a slice of what the Filipino indie film scene has to offer? Film enthusiasts will be spoilt with choice from an array of locally made short films, with genres ranging from experimental to coming-of-age.

Among the films that will be featured in Tagpo include several award-winning short films which have graced the screens of Cinemalaya in the past. One of these is Martika Escobar’s Pusong Bato, which revolves around the story of a middle-aged, faded actress trying to relive her glory days as a movie star in the 1970’s. Fish Out of Water, Mon Garilao’s visually captivating narrative, takes us into the life of Filipino-Korean teenager Min-Jae who suffers from discrimination because of his mixed heritage. Meanwhile, Joaquin Pantaleon’s daring, coming of age film, Pukpok (Rite of Passage) tells the story of a young man on the threshold of manhood and the hurdle he must overcome to get through it.

Other films which will be shown in the event include JM Jamisola’s award winning Oda Sa Mga Nangarap; Halaman, a compelling experimental short film; Pektus, Isabel Quesada’s spellbinding tale; and Wawa, a Cinemalaya short film directed by Anj Macalanda.

Tagpo’s notable line-up hopes to further uphold independent filmmakers and foster the public’s appreciation of the local film industry.



An eclectic mix of nostalgia-ridden, old school OPM sounds, brass-filled tunes, and soul-infused croons will provide the soundtrack of the night, as the likes of Jensen and The Flips, and Ang Bandang Shirley will perform their hits.

Having steadily amassed a dedicated following of music fans around Manila, these two bands are cementing their place in the local independent music scene with their sentimental songs about love and heartbreak, and their intimate and exhilarating live performances.

Also part of the line-up are up and coming acts that have recently stirred interest among underground music enthusiasts. BennyBunnyBand, a three-piece group slowly gaining recognition as pioneers of “kuneho rock”, will be performing their ukulele-driven melodies.

Completing the list of talented performers is Hannah + Gabi of Saving Sally fame, and  Lola Amour, a group perhaps best known for winning Wanderband 2017, Wanderland Music and Arts Festival’s annual band competition.

Perhaps in an effort to stay true to the event’s theme of bringing together multiple art forms, some of these groups will not only be performing as they have actually lent their talents to score the films that will be screened in the event.

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