SE contenders share platforms, highlight advocacies in MDA

Continuing on from the spectacle of the Special Elections debate in the morning, party bets from both Alyansang Tapat sa Lasallista (Tapat) and Santugon sa Tawag ng Panahon (Santugon) again engaged with one another, imparting their platforms and plans of action in the Special Elections (SE) 2019 Miting de Avance held last November 22 at the Cory Aquino Democratic Space. 

BLAZE2022, Ramon V. del Rosario College of Business (RVRCOB)

Tapat candidate for BLAZE2022 Batch President Maxine Silvino (I, APC), recognized the capabilities of her fellow batchmates as frosh. She affirmed that they can maximize their potential by “establishing a unified academic environment.” Silvino expressed that credentials should not be the sole benchmark of a good leader.

“I am here standing in front of you [to let] you all know that if I have the ability to serve, then so do you. You do not need flashy credentials and popularity to be able to spark change,” Silvino exclaimed.

Santugon’s bet Chiki Grijaldo (I, BSA), meanwhile, acknowledged the students’ “different  walks of life.” She also highlighted her work experience as one of her strengths to properly serve her batchmates. 

“In everything that I do, I make sure that I am responsible for whatever decision and action I make and that you will be able to know what is happening in our student government,” Grijaldo assured.

74th ENG, Gokongwei College of Engineering (GCOE)

Gwen Ang (I, BSMSIE), Batch President candidate from Santugon, affirmed her vision for a “purpose-driven 74th ENG”, recalling “humility” as a lesson she gained from her mentors. Recognizing the struggles that the frosh face, Ang added, “We are here to tell you, all of you 871 [GCOE] freshmen, that we all have what it takes to achieve greatness together.”

Meanwhile, Tapat’s 74th ENG Batch President candidate Abegail Delin (I, BS-IE) addressed students’ “lack of excitement to learn”, despite DLSU being one of the top universities for engineering courses. As a solution, Delin described their slate’s push for a positive shift by promoting active learning systems for the students and helping them amplify their voices. Delin also emphasized the importance of establishing policies for a sustainable environment, “This small step in advocating for our environment would greatly contribute in influencing the Filipino youth.”

CATCH2T23, College of Computer Studies (CCS)

Clarissa Mandadero (I, CS-ST), Tapat’s candidate for CATCH2T23 Batch President, emphasized that a leader is someone who is “tapat at tunay”. Envisioning a CATCH2T23 that maximizes learning capabilities, Mandadero stated, “We will help you adjust easier.” Moreover, she also stated that social awareness will be promoted within the batch. 

(A leader is someone who is honest and genuine.)

On the other hand, Bea Berenguer (I, CS-ST) from Santugon expressed her wishes to grant her batchmates proper student representation. With diverse opportunities, she described a “dynamic CATCH2T23” that highlights its strengths to excel as one batch. 

EDGE2019, Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education (BAGCED)

Santugon candidate Dani Navarro (I, BEED-ECED) declared that “leadership in service is a process”, expressing that by working “hand-in-hand”, the batch may excel at the forefront of the college and the University. Describing her vision of forming an “inclusive EDGE2019”, Navarro shared that she aimed to help their batchmates identify themselves within the Lasallian Community. 

In response, Ramona Ching (I, BEED-ECED), running under Tapat, pledged feasible, long-term, and relevant platforms for the students of BAGCED. Together with her slatemates, she explained her vision of a collaborative environment for EDGE2019, promising a “better” student life. 

FAST2019, College of Liberal Arts (CLA)

Tapat contender for FAST2019 Batch President Ranj Remedios (I, AB-PSM) declared that “leaders can come from anywhere.” Remedios, who disclosed that he had not run for student council positions before, believed that this puts him and his slatemates in a more understanding position among his batchmates. He urged his fellow frosh to choose leaders wisely, saying, “Place your choice in leaders that will fight for you, that will represent you, and most importantly, [that will] provide you with the platforms that you deserve.”

Santugon’s party bet Britney Paderes (I, AB-SOC), meanwhile, promoted their slate, “we are here because we have the heart and the passion to serve.” She remarked, “Another year of servant leadership begins. Isang yes para sa panibagong pagsubok, pero isang yes ito para patuloy na manindigan at maglingkod,” explaining that she wants the frosh from her college to experience the same belongingness she felt with her party.

(One yes for a new challenge, but it is a yes to continue to stand one’s ground and to serve.)

FOCUS2019, College of Science (COS)

Santugon’s candidate for Batch President Gabie Avante (I, BS-BIO) narrated how her mother empowered her and cultivated her passion for service. She shared her vision for a “holistic FOCUS2019 striving for excellence”, together with her slatemates. Recalling their journey during the campaign season, Avante stated, “We remind ourselves why we’re here—we want to empower our batchmates and provide them with the leadership that they deserve.”

Meanwhile, Vincent Maliuanag (I, BS-PHYFI) from Tapat outlined his vision for a COS that establishes a “holistic academic environment” and “a collaborative and transparent course of action”. Moreover, he backed “Tapat leadership” for his batch. “Platforms over personality, long-term solutions over short-term promises,” Maliuanag declared.

EXCEL2022, School of Economics (SOE)

Tapat’s EXCEL2022 Batch President candidate Dale Tan (I, AEF-MKT) asserted that his fellow batchmates “have a choice to fight” and “do something” against ignorance and misinformation. 

“I will fight for those who feel they’re voiceless, for those students who feel they don’t have potential,” he stated. Tan also promised that his and his slatemates’ platforms are centered on “student welfare”.

Tan’s counterpart, Jules Protacio (I, ECM-APC) from Santugon, promised to strongly involve himself within the SOE student body. Protacio shared that his experience as a youth leader at The Feast made him realize the importance of the youth. “I realized I was now looking at a wider perspective. It was not just student empowerment. It was [also] about youth empowerment, and this became my advocacy,” he conveyed.

Answering queries

Following the speeches and plans of actions declared, the floor was opened to students for questions for both parties.

Asked whether candidates would choose to be good or right, Santugon EDGE2019 LA Representative candidate Johann Coscolluela (I, BEED-ECED) responded that Santugon leaders choose to be good, saying, “As good leaders, we’re also role models for the future, and this will affect what’s right and what’s wrong.”

Tapat’s Maliuanag, meanwhile, responded, “It’s a matter of choosing your situation. You don’t always have to be right, [but] I do believe that you always have to be good.” He elaborated that admitting to be wrong will “settle a conflict that was never needed in the first place,” and that this “sometimes” could be the reason for finding peace.

Delving into the candidates’ stands on national issues, incumbent RVRCOB College President Nates Driz, posed the next question: “Do you think it’s time to forgive the Marcos family?”

Tapat EXCEL2022 LA Representative candidate Brendan Miranda (I, AEF-APC) argued that the Marcos family must not be forgiven, recalling that , “this is the reason why Tapat was formed.” He elaborated that the years under Marcos rule were a period of depression because of lack of opportunities. “In Tapat, we promote inclusivity; we promote equal opportunity. We fight for everyone no matter what your race, no matter what your social classes are because we believe in development—A progressive development; a sustainable development,” Miranda declared.

Santugon CATCH2T23 LA Representative candidate Riley Uy (I, CS-ST), meanwhile, responded, “As a Santugon leader, I believe that everyone should be driven by passion and not by hate. And that’s why I believe that we should forgive what the Marcoses have done, but we should never forget what they have done.” 

Uy elaborated that the grim years in history must never be repeated. “I believe that in order to move forward, we must always remember the mistakes that have happened in the past. And as Lasallians, it is what we need in order to move forward,” Uy stated.

As a response to a student from the College of Computer Studies’ question about their platform, News CATCH, and how the representatives can build a USG that empowers students with the assumption that their batch is “oblivious and unaware” of social issues, Mandadero defends that they never said that they were oblivious. “In order to produce empowered students, the first step is awareness, which is the purpose of News CATCH,” she clarified.

The campaign period officially ended on November 23, with the voting period set to begin on November 25 and end on November 28.

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