USG holds first Activities Assembly, formally appoints Chief Magistrate

The University Student Government (USG) held its first Activities Assembly last November 22 at the USG Office on the third floor of the Br. Connon Hall. Attended by elected officers—College Presidents, Batch Presidents, Legislative Assembly (LA) Representatives, and Executive Board (EB) members—the assembly moved to finalize the election of Clifford Martinez as Chief Magistrate, who effectively served as Chief Magistrate Officer in Charge for the Judiciary branch in the past Academic Year.

Plan of action for the Judiciary

Presenting his plans of action in front of the assembly, Martinez laid down his platforms, stating four main objectives—a recruitment process for the Judiciary Branch, officer training, a succession program for future magistrates, and a publicity campaign detailing students’ rights such as filing grievances.

Martinez put forward the need for members in the Judiciary Branch, expressing plans to participate in the Student Government Annual Recruitment to bring in new members the following term. He expressed hope that the increased publicity will encourage more students to sign up for the body.

While Martinez admitted that he will not be able to complete his year as Chief Magistrate, he explained that he plans to establish a succession program to train future magistrates and ensure proper succession. “The Chief Magistrate will elect a Deputy Chief Magistrate and, if ever, he will take over,’’ he said.

College of Computer Studies College President Noki Topacio sought to clarify the contingency plans of the Judiciary should a case arise during the branch’s rebuilding period. Martinez assured that cases filed will still be recognized.

Judiciary at the Laguna Campus

Martinez also revealed plans by the Judiciary branch to open a counterpart branch at the Laguna Campus. “I already [had] talks with the USG at the Laguna Campus. I’ve explained what the plans are for the Judiciary to have a branch there,’’ he relayed, sharing that students from the campus have voiced their interest in joining the Judiciary and that he hopes to start their training by next term. 

In response to questions from Laguna Campus LA Representative Michelle Gelvoleo, Martinez unveiled that there will be two days of recruitment for the Judiciary branch at the Laguna campus. He also emphasized that there will be greater communication with the eventual representatives from the Laguna campus, adding that he intends to conduct a teambuilding session at the Laguna Campus to ensure proper communication between the two campuses. 

Regarding training the magistrates for the Judiciary’s Laguna branch, Martinez clarified that training sessions will be carried out by existing magistrates. “We will conduct trainings in the Manila campus and in Laguna campus as well,” Martinez stated.

In an almost unanimous vote with just one vote against, and two abstains, Clifford Martinez was formally elected as Chief Magistrate of the Judiciary Branch, concluding the first Activities Assembly of the USG.

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