Rant and Rave: Rocking with Seventeen’s ‘Attacca’

Seventeen, overflowing with charisma, charm, and talent, always seems to pull off impeccable performances—demanding the stage and the audience to come to life. In every album, their versatility is best seen in their efforts to maximize all 13 of its members in the music composition and choreographies.

In this era, Seventeen takes the spotlight with their recent mini-album, Attacca. The album is seemingly a continuation of the group’s previous albums. From reminding fans to appreciate themselves in Semicolon to readying us to love in Your Choice, Attacca signals for everyone to dive right into love. 

Rocking the world with emotionally driven numbers, Seventeen takes us on a ride through their unique anthology of electrifying synergy and heartwarming stories. 

Route 17

Seventeen showcases their versatility by experimenting with different genres and concepts in this album. Attaca surprises us with a mix of R&B, rock, and hiphop—contrasting some of the youthful concepts they showcased during their first few years in the K-pop industry.

For instance, I can’t run away from the hiphop unit perfectly flaunts each members’ potential in performing emotionally captivating melodies. The song unveils the members’ soft timbres on top of their rapping abilities as they move their listeners’ hearts with each lyric, further proving their all-around talent. 

Stirring the group into a more distinct and fresh image, Attacca’s digital release features the bonus track 2 minus 1, an English-lyric song that takes inspiration from 2000s punk-pop tunes similar to the songs of Avril Lavigne. The track is wrapped with Joshua’s honey-like vocals and Vernon’s low, powerful pitches, emphasizing their impressive range.

A journey of love

The five remaining tracks in the physical album also carry a jaunt of emotions for us to dive into, embarking on a journey of love that Seventeen aims to convey.

The synth pop-based track To you opens the album with a straight-to-the-point declaration of blazing passion. As it opens with a synth-mix instrumental, it progressively expands to a louder tune—much like their song Together from the Heng:garae album. 

Likewise, Rock with you, the lead single, serenades listeners with the rush of love through its addictive guitar backing and two-step rhythm. Similar to their songs Left & Right and Home;run, this title track repeats the phrase, “Baby, hold on,” adding to the chorus’ addicting and catchy vibe. 

Beyond the high-pitched notes that Seventeen never fails to integrate, what makes it even more powerful is the hiphop unit’s raspy vocals. Mingyu’s riveting voice in his line, “No words are enough for you,” adds a stirring verve to the song. Another attribute to note is Rock with you’s dashing choreography, wherein moves that mimic band instruments are featured throughout their performance.

Trailing down the peppy route are Crush and PANG!—two upbeat tracks that epitomize the stomach-churning feeling of love. From the title itself, Crush tries to evoke feelings of having indescribable jitters because of one’s crush through its hard-hitting beats and its hiphop-R&B flair. The track’s vibe is complemented by an intriguing dance concept, experimenting with the use of hats to accentuate their synchronous movements. 

Meanwhile, PANG! pulls away from the EDM, high energy, and sensual tracks that the performance unit usually presents. Instead, they showcase the charming and playful attributes of the performance unit. From their optimistic enunciation of “PANG!” to the perky audio insertions like “peew-peew,” the infectious blurbs perfectly convey the song’s message of heart-pounding emotions when in love. 

The energetic mood then shifts to a heartwarming ballad from the vocal unit in Imperfect love. Despite having a buoyant tune, the chorus highlights its sentimental value when the vocal unit sings in unison. Much like a promise that they swear to carry through the song, Seventeen and their fans, the Carats, can stay hopeful that one day they can meet and share the sentiments expressed in the track.

Crushed it!

Overall, the album continues to show how Seventeen marches to the beat of their own drum. With every comeback, they unveil a different side that shows their limitless potential. Rather than conforming to a specific sound, they experiment with different genres to deliver their message in the best way. 

Attacca lives up to its name. Every track is impactful enough to showcase the group’s artistry, grit, and uniqueness, and wholeheartedly takes listeners on a journey with Seventeen. Hopefully, the group can take us through this quest again soon. 

Rating: 4.0/4.0
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