Samahang Lasalyano holds first ever assembly

Last November 25 and 26, Samahang Lasalyano held its first assembly with student leaders representing DLSU, De La Salle Lipa (DLSL), De La Salle University-Dasmariñas (DLSU-D), De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute (DLSMHSI), La Salle University Ozamiz (LSU), University of St. La Salle (USLS), De La Salle – College of St. Benilde (DLS-CSB), and De La Salle Araneta University (DLSAU) to discuss charter changes, conceptualize the branding of Samahang Lasalyano, and explore possible project collaborations between the present student government units.

Charter changes, establishment of the Office of the Samahang Lasalyano Ambassador

The delegates convened on the first day to propose changes for the Samahang Lasalyano charter. 

Provisions on disqualification were immediately raised by the student government units. DLS-CSB Benilde Central Student Government President Aven Mendoza suggested that the representative who violated the Charter and its bylaws should be removed from the organization instead of the student government itself. The seat shall be filled in by the preceding officer, depending on the school’s hierarchical structure. 

“Just to ensure that the school is still represented,” Mendoza reasoned.

DLSL Student Government President Dale Castillo also questioned disqualification rules and clarified whether the organization would warn the representatives before such rulings.

Castillo recommended including provisions that will inform the member representatives if they committed any violations. Meanwhile, DLSMHSI Institutional Student Council President Adam Palo also added that in such cases, a detailed report of the allegations against the representative should be given to allow the representative to defend themselves.

Detailed provisions for resignation were also brought up by Mendoza, resulting in DLSU University Student Government (USG) President Giorgina Escoto and Mendoza comparing the resignation process of the schools they are representing. As a result, Escoto proposed that officers resigning from the student government stipulate termination of their membership from Samahang Lasalyano. 

Further finalizing the ratification of charter changes, the pronouns found in the Charter were revised to be more gender-neutral and inclusive. The charter was ratified with all delegates in favor of the changes. 

The ratification of the charter changes was also followed by the establishment of the Office of the Samahang Lasalyano Ambassador under each student government unit. While DLSU USG already appointed Keil Finez as Samahang Lasalyano Ambassador and Julienne Gonzales as Deputy Samahang Lasalyano Ambassador, the office has yet to appoint more ambassadors as its functions are still under discussion. 

Plans for SLAPS, Facebook page launch

The second day focused on the Samahang Lasalyano Permanent Secretariat (SLAPS) election for the academic year. The organization is the primary overseeing body of Samahang Lasalyano, according to the Charter.

As the University is currently the host school, 75th ENG Batch Legislator Raphaela Tan was appointed as SLAPS’ Executive Secretary, whereas BLAZE2023 Batch Legislator Tiffany Chua was chosen as a candidate for National Convener and won the position after a unanimous 16 votes.

“I hope to be able to work with everyone towards a unified Lasallian agenda,” expressed Chua.

Succeeding the voting procedure, the national congress discussed their plans for the social media platforms of Samahang Lasalyano.

It was decided that a Facebook page, to be handled by SLAPS, would be their main platform in information dissemination upon establishing the alliance. Escoto suggested, however, that more sites may be used in the future once the alliance has gauged the operations of the working teams. She also proposed that SLAPS create committees under the assembly to manage the page, prepare creative collaterals, and respond to messages.

The general branding of Samahang Lasalyano was also included in the agenda, where various ideas were explored, including the official alliance logo and color palette. Plans were not finalized yet, however, as committees must first be established under SLAPS to continue with the social media launch.

Subsequently, each member student government shared their projects for the academic year and considered the possibility of collaborating through initiatives. Another meeting will be held to complete their plans.

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