PRESS RELEASE: Feel the bloom in DEVINT’s first ever development summit

Sustainable development has been a top priority globally, as countries strive to improve the quality of life of their citizens through inclusive growth. The Philippines, committed to these, is part of the long list of countries who pledged to achieve the universal Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), even creating our own AmbisyonNatin 2040 development framework. Yet, such an agenda remains unfamiliar to many Filipinos. 

Development Initiative, in our dedication to the comprehensive development of the Philippines, finally invites students that advocate for development to our three-day summit, Metamorphosis: Empowering Philippine Sectors Towards Sustainable Development!

We are setting up the platform to ensure that all students interact with highly qualified experts from whom they will learn the ins-and-outs of applying development work in their respective industries. On Day 1, we will hold Chrysalis: A Discussion Series on Contemporary Sustainable Development Practices, with three lecture webinars focusing on gender and development, corporate social responsibility, and human security and sustainability. You can pre-register here:

The fun doesn’t stop there! Our participants will also be given the opportunity to participate in, The Butterfly Effect, an interactive session and a safe space to share opinions and advocacies regarding recurring development issues and how we can see the SDGs in Philippine society. During the last day of the summit, there will also be a culmination night involving partner organizations to further expand students’ networks and learn from one another. We hope to see you in Kaleidoscope: Flying Towards a Sustainable Future

Stay tuned for more details about the next two activities through our summit page: But if we already got you hooked, you can pre-register for day two in and day three in

The event, happening on June 10, 17, and 18, is in pursuit of learning, producing, and upholding various sustainable practices that are administered by both public and private institutions. We hope you’re ready to fly with us.

All in the name of development. 

By DLSU Development Initiative

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