PRESS RELEASE: 13th Young Economists’ International Convention

13th Young Economists’ International Convention Overarching Theme: Actualizing Climate Ambitions in the Developing World: Redefining the Path Towards a Sustainable Future

Morning Session: Pragmatic Mitigation: What needs to be discussed?
Afternoon Session: Necessary Adaptations for the Looming Impacts of Climate Change

In recent years, the ever-looming and ever-increasing threat of climate change has spurred the global community into action. However, the developing world faces different challenges and constraints in achieving its climate targets from the developed world. Thus, in pursuing effective climate action, the developing world should employ pragmatism in setting climate targets, and a concrete approach to getting there. 

The climate challenge is global at scale; approaches to mitigating climate change are different per region, and per nation. However, through pooling resources and sharing knowledge, we enable one another to create solutions tailor-fit to our own circumstances. And in doing so, open up possibilities of creating an environment more conducive to life. 

Discussions are therefore necessary to uncover present realities and pursue sustainable solutions. The 20th Young Economists’ Convention proudly invites everyone to the 13th Young Economists’ International Convention where esteemed professionals talk about climate change efforts and adaptation measures available to developing countries. Through a virtual seminar on June 4, 2022, 9:00-4:00 PM, the 13th InterCon aims to gather young economists and changemakers who are passionate about sustainable development.

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By DLSU Economics Organization

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