PRESS RELEASE: Writer’s Recap—S.A.V.E. the Heat for Conscious Consumption, Sustainability, and Green Card Alliance 2022

by Samantha Kwan and William Lindog

This green card doesn’t just give you a permanent residence in the campus – but also the opportunity to experience one-of-a-kind deals you’ll never find anywhere else. 

Green Card Alliance (GCA) is an annual event of the Council of Student Organizations (CSO) that offers various perks and discounts from partnering establishments and organizations to DLSU students.  From June 13 to 18, interested students may have the opportunity to get a taste of the corporate world through certain activities such as IG Story Game, the eco-friendly practice for environmentally conscious students; and Points Game, a game about sustainable practices. 

For this year, with the unprecedented spike in online purchases given the pandemic, the central committee chose the theme “Sustainability” as a way to raise awareness and promote sustainable consumption and mindful lifestyle. GCA Week is a week-long event where a lot of gimmicks will be posted via Facebook and Instagram throughout the entire event week. The closing event will have a Zoom webinar titled S.A.V.E. on June 18, 2022 (Wednesday).

Scan and SAVE

The SAVE: Sustainable Consumerism and Achieving Vital Enterprise webinar is aimed to promote conscious consumption and sustainability. Ms. Gabie Avante, president of Sustainable PH Youth Organization, and Ms. Angel Mata, blogger behind Low Impact Filipina, will share their experiences, knowledge, and views on supporting sustainable agendas and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle in everyday life. The Project Heads of GCA2022 also said that the objective of the event is to give students an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of joining organizations in the university, and influence students in upholding a sustainable lifestyle through publicity materials and with the help of notable speakers.

Surfing the Big Waves

In comparison to face to face events wherein dissemination of information is quite limited, this year’s GCA event will be more inclusive as a lot of the information and publicity materials will be more accessible in just one click; making more students aware that such an event is indeed happening. Besides providing the students with discounts and promos, this project, with the theme of sustainability and care for the environment, will be a way to spread awareness to DLSU students regarding mindful consumption. The Project Heads of GCA2022 also think that it is very important to uphold such an advocacy, especially when moving forward with their lives as this will be helpful for the community and environment. 

By DLSU Green Card Alliance

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