HIGHLIGHTS: Escoto presents past projects, future actions for T1 AY 2022-2023 in third State of Student Governance

University Student Government (USG) President Giorgina Escoto addressed the Lasallian community as she highlighted the projects done in the past term and unveiled future actions to be taken to ensure the well-being of DLSU students in the third State of Student Governance today, October 12. 

Campus reopening, commencement exercises 

In order to prepare for the reopening of the campus, the USG—through the Office of the Vice President for Internal Affairs—launched the Campus Reopening Survey, which paved the way for the development of the Campus Return Proposal for Term 1, Academic Year (AY) 2022-2023.

Escoto also confirmed that preparations for the 188th to the 194th Commencement Exercises are underway. 

Institutionalization of human rights, democracy elective 

With the help of the College of Liberal Arts, the USG plans to establish a human rights and democracy elective to deepen students’ understanding of citizenship. Escoto mentioned that the involved parties are in the process of designing the course before presenting it to key University officials for approval. 

Lobbying for scholarships, grants

In order to provide ample financial assistance to Lasallian students, the USG—through the Office of the Executive Treasurer—is preparing to advocate for supplementary scholarships and grants.

“We are currently finalizing for the Lasallian Community Assistance Program, as well as the Alumni Student Leaders’ Grant…Financial grants were also given to students across different colleges under the leadership of our college presidents,” Escoto expressed.

College government initiatives take place

Escoto commended previous projects held by the USG, namely the Student Development Goals, Headstart Career and Development, Para po! Pakonsulta po!, Ligtas Lasalyano, the USG Helpline, and “5ingkwento: Paano Ba Ikwento ang Martial Law” through collaborating with the University’s stakeholders. She then highlighted the Engineering College Government’s Sustainability Summit, the College Government of Education’s Filipino Sign Language (FSL) Certification program, and the Business College Government’s Beyond COB.

Safe spaces, health 

Escoto ended with a statement on the USG’s plans to propose changes to the Safe Spaces Act and implement a new policy that will guarantee that the freedom of speech of all students is protected and guaranteed.  

“We’re also exerting all of our efforts in ensuring that students remain safe from the COVID-19 pandemic with the launch of the Lasallian care kits in a few weeks,” she disclosed. 

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