PRESS RELEASE: Italy Day at Europe and Latin America (EULAT) For Culture Event-October 18, 2022

INTRAMUROS, Manila— Next Tuesday, October 18th, 2022, The Philippine Italian Association, along with EUNIC Philippines and the Design Center of the Philippines will be holding a green architecture-centered lecture event, as a part of the EULAT For Culture event, a series of activities that will showcase the connections between Europe, Latin America and the Philippines through the themes of architecture, design and gastronomy.

EULAT For Culture will be taking place from October 15, 2022 to October 22, 2022, with design, architecture and gastronomy specialists from the Philippines, Spain, Austria, Mexico, Germany, France Italy and Chile will conduct workshops and host lectures both online and in-person.

The Philippine Italian Association will present ITALY DAY, on October 18th with 2 in-person events.

At 10 AM, Lyceum Culinary Institute, Intramuros: A demo cooking and presentation event entitled “Confluence: Merging the best of Italy and the Philippines”, hosted by Chef Margarita Forés.

This event will showcase the gastronomical connections between Italy and the Philippines as Chef Forés illustrates her 26-year journey working with Italian cuisine in the Philippines. She will prepare and present 5 dishes which will illustrate Italian tastes through Filipino ingredients.


At 3 PM, Instituto Cervantes, Plaza San Luis Complex, Intramuros: An architecture lecture event entitled “Sustainable Design and Development in Emerging Cities in the Philippines”.
This event will speak on the importance and impact of sustainable urbanization in the context of developing cities in terms of inclusivity, accessibility and the overall care for our environment.


The main lecture will be hosted by Architect Romolo Nati, an Italian architect whose research specializes in the potential of green architecture through sustainable real-estate projects. His lecture will be followed by a presentation by Architect Nathaniel von Einsiedel Ph.D., Chairman of Consultants for Comprehensive Environmental Planning (CONCEP). Von Einsiedel’s presentation will center around urban planning practices in the Philippines. Lastly, the closing lecture will be conducted by Ella S. Antonio, a Policy Analyst who will be discussing the latest sustainable developments in the country.

The lecture event aims to emphasize the importance of creating sustainable spaces for living and working, as time goes on, populations grow, and environmental protection and preservation becomes an increasingly pressing concern for everyone around the world. It also aims to give more perspective in the discussion of greener planning, by contextualizing innovations and milestones within developing cities rather than only already developed ones. Finally, this event also aims to show that greener building is something that should and does connect nations to one another as knowledge is passed through international channels and we continue to create communal spaces that not only benefit humanity but the nature that surrounds us as well.

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