PRESS RELEASE: Consulting Convention 2023—Transcending Boundless Realities 

On July 24 to 28, DLSU’s Archers Consulting Group will hold Consulting Convention 2023 to help aspiring students know more about the consulting industry.

Manila, 2023 – DLSU: Archers’ Consulting Group, a premier non-profit student consulting organization providing management consulting services to micro, small, and medium enterprises, is proud to announce the upcoming Consulting Convention 2023, scheduled to take place from July 24 to July 28, 2023. This exciting event aims to introduce and attract senior high school and college students to the dynamic world of the consulting industry. 

The Consulting Convention 2023 serves as a unique platform for aspiring students interested in pursuing a career in consulting. With a focus on fostering learning, networking, and inspiration, the convention offers a range of engaging activities, workshops, and expert-led sessions designed to provide participants with valuable insights and firsthand exposure to the consulting profession. 

The organization is thrilled to organize the Consulting Convention 2023 and provide a platform for students to explore the exciting world of consulting, and this event aims to inspire the next generation of consultants, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and connections necessary to embark on successful consulting careers. 

The Consulting Convention 2023 will be held at the De La Salle University Campus. For more information, please visit our Facebook Page at Archers Consulting Group – DLSU ArCG. 

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