De La Salle Innersoul brings back their live productions after years of holding it online. On July 21, Innersoul will perform “Puhon: Sulyap ng Sinag,” which seeks to inspire the audience to follow their dreams.

There is no denying that the path aspiring artists tread is perilous. As student artists, the sleepless nights that come with being a student are adjoined with countless hours of rehearsing. Moreover, the global pandemic shut down a myriad of industries— and ours was no exception. The crowd of faces we once sang to turned into us singing alone in our rooms, to blinking lights and camera lenses. Each and every one of us has a unique story to tell about the unending trials of life. But through every unexpected turn, every unmet expectation, one thing prevails over all: our passion to sing. Through every exhilarating success and every wretched heartbreak, music was the one thing we turned to. Music lets us express the countless emotions we feel that mere words cannot possibly embody. Music is the art that brought 18 talented individuals to recount a tale of camaraderie, perseverance, and self-realization.

Now that we have reached past the pandemic and life as we knew it continued, we are ready to pick up the pieces we have left behind and face the crowds once more. On the 21st of July, De La Salle Innersoul, the university’s premiere vocal performing group will be holding its first post-pandemic live production. This production is leaps and bounds beyond what we ever expected was possible— but diamonds are formed under pressure. Witness as we sing our hearts out about one’s trials and tribulations, and the ever-evolving journey towards self-betterment. With this production, we hope to inspire you to continue on the path of fulfilling your dreams and reach beyond what you have ever thought possible.

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