Rant and Rave: ‘Skyfall’

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You may have heard of the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. But what about teaching a new dog old tricks? In the latest installment of the James Bond series, Skyfall, it is exactly that which seems to be the case, with the influx of signature Bond class that makes this one look classical yet contemporary at the same time.

Pierce Brosnan may have made James Bond look clean, but Daniel Craig gives him that wizened, rogue look that cast Bond away from the suave limelight associated with Brosnan, and into the rough word of shadows that encompasses the entirety of Skyfall.

Skyfall placed an emphasis on the past of both Bond and MI6, with their latest adversary being a former MI6 operative who goes by the name of Raoul Silva; Silva being far from your average Bond adversary, but nevertheless brilliant, as played by Javier Bardem.

As Bond journeys from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul, to the bright lights of Shanghai and Macau, and finally to Bond’s home in Scotland, the action was fast-paced while letting in viewers to know a bit more about Bond than other Bond movies would. Add the inclusion of the new Q (whose style is as good as his technological prowess) and the insertion of old school flair (one of which was the special appearance of a certain “Martin”), Skyfall was a great movie. To the casual fan, Bond’s cars, watches, and women are usually what usually catches their attention, but with this movie, they’ll pay attention to more than meets the eye.

Internet tweets comment on how the movie “put M into perspective”. True enough, M is a more visible character even if Bond still gets his usual lion’s share of attention in the movie. The love-hate relationship she shares with him is displayed throughout the movie; still cold, but at least in the end, M will not merely be a letter to you. She may even become that mother-like figure that may seem not to give the slightest care in the world but deep down inside, you know she would die for you.

The film also portrays one thing we rarely see with the Bonds of the old: struggle. Back in the day, whether it was the iconic Sir Sean Connery or the suave Roger Moore playing Bond, we all saw him as composed, and no matter how dire the situation, he would still be in control. But in this installment, Craig adds a human side, with Bond at one point trying to run away from his chosen life only to come back to it later on.

James Bond has not only withstood his enemies, but the test of time as well. Though this Bond film was set in the contemporary age, you cannot help but notice the icons added to the movie, something even your father can relate to. That is a classic connection that passes on, and lasts.

Gio Gloria

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